Saturday, December 31, 2011

How to Find Your Real Purpose in Life for as Little as 20 Minutes

*How to Find Your Real Purpose in Life for as Little as 20 Minutes**Source:

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*What is really your purpose in life?* But before that how do you really

find your purpose? The true reason why you are here – the only reas
on why

you exist.

Maybe you're the type of person who does not believe that you have

purpose. However, that doesn't matter. Even if you don't be
lieve that you

have a purpose in life that will not stop you from knowing it. There will

be a time when you will discover your real purpose in life and that is now.

For you to determine your real purpose, first you must clear your mind

about all false purposes you knew including the thought that you don�€
™t have

a purpose.

So how do you find your purpose in life anyway? There are a lot of ways to

do this, but here's a simple yet effective way to do it.

First know that the more willing and open you are with this process as well

as the more you visualize and expect that it will work, the quicker the

results will be.

However, if you're not open to this, or if you're having do
ubt that it will

work won't stop it from working, but will just lengthen the time it

to work.

*Things to do:*

1. Get a clean sheet of paper or even open the Microsoft office word to


2. First write "What's my real purpose in life?"

3. Write all the answers that come out of your mind

4. Repeat step number three until you write an answer that will make you

cry. When you experience this one, you have found your purpose.

As simple as that! For some, this exercise makes sense, but to other people

it seems stupid at all. If they will just do it willingly and seriously,

they will come to know how important it is to their life. Usually this

exercise only takes 15 to 20 minutes.

During the process, false answers emerge in your mind. However, when the

real answer finally comes, it feels like the answer is produced from a new

different source.

As you do this exercise, it is possible that some of your answers may be

similar. It could also be possible that you will write again your previous

answers. And then you may continue to write 20 more similar or different


That's alright. You can write any answer that comes out into your m

In some point during the exercise (normally after 50 to 100 answers), you

may feel the urge to quit and do something else. That's normal. Jus
t ignore

this feeling and keep writing. This feeling will eventually pass.

There will be a time that you will discover some answers that will make you

feel slightly emotional, but not the ones that will make you cry.

When you do, highlight those answers, so you will be able to get back to

them to generate new ideas. Each of these answers reflects a small part of

your real purpose, though incomplete.

When you start getting this kind of answers, this means that you are

getting warm so keep going.

Perform this exercise alone without any interruptions. When I did this, it

almost took me 25 minutes to reach my final answer and that was at number


Certain answers that made me feel quite emotional appeared at number 22, 53

and 71 and almost the general idea of it comes into place as I arrive at

number 100 to 106.

During the process, I felt tired and impatient around number 55 to 65. At

number 70 I made a 3 minute break to relax, clear my mind and refocus my

attention to the exercise. This had helped me as the answers I think of

started to be clearer.


And my final answer was: to live courageously and consciously, to resonate

with compassion and love, to awaken the powerful spirits within everyone,

and to leave this beautiful world with peace.

Once you discover your own answer to that question of why you are here, you

will totally feel the essence of it deep down yourself. Your answer seems

to have a very special energy that you will feel how great the impact of

that energy when you read it.

Finding your purpose is easy, but what is difficult is keeping your final

answer with you on a day to day basis and working it on yourself up to the

point that you will become one with that purpose.

*If you want to know why this exercise works, the right person that can

give you the best answer is no one else but you. *You will come to know why

it works once you successfully completed this exercise.