Friday, August 31, 2012

Natural Aphrodisiacs. Boost Libido without Viagra

Natural Aphrodisiacs. Boost Libido without Viagra

I was recently answering a comment to my article "Why couples conflict about sex" and thought, that it would be a good idea to share some useful (I hope) information about natural aphrodisiacs with you. Why? Because today lots of people are crazy about Viagra and other drugs which boost libido without even trying to increase it the natural way. There are ways of doing this, namely using natural aphrodisiacs, and these are available for everybody. So, you could easily try them.

Definition of Aphrodisiac

What is an aphrodisiac? Aphrodisiac is any food, drink or other agent, which increases sexual desire. This covers both men and women. Some things were reputed as aphrodisiacs due to their phallic shape, for example, horn of the rhinoceros. But I don't believe in magic, I normally trust science. Although it has not been proved scientifically, that particular types of food boost sexual desire, I tend to agree with erotic cuisine: some foods are good for libido due to their health benefits, such as content of various vitamins and healthy substances.

Natural Aphrodisiacs

I'm not going to list all the exotic plants and foods which are difficult to find, but are said to be strong aphrodisiacs. I'll tell you, what is healthy for the reproduction organs and why it can boost libido.

Foods rich in vitamins A and E are eaten to boost libido, as they have a positive effect on reproductive organs. Examples are eggs, carrots, cod liver.
Marine foods are strong aphrodisiacs, as they contain phosphorus and vitamin B. To improve potency, eat oysters, shrimps, caviar and mussels.

As for drinks, it's recommended to consume more milk and cultured milk, as they contain a lot of proteins, which increase potency. Vine is also a natural aphrodisiac.

Other foods rich in proteins are farinaceous foods. They are also referred to as aphrodisiacs.

Using spices for the food preparation is also good to boost sexual drive: oregano, basil, nutmeg, curry, chili. As spicy foods increase the heart rate, they have aphrodisiacal effects.

Fruits, berries and vegetables also contribute to increasing sexual appetite. Examples: tomato (tomatoes also prevent prostatic diseases), artichoke, asparagus, potato, radish, strawberry, mango.

As chocolate has a sedative and relaxing effect, it stimulates sexual drive, too.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils as Aphrodisiacs
Among essential oils for aromatherapy the following ones are aphrodisiacs:


Viagra or Natural Aphrodisiacs?

Please, don't think, that I am against Viagra and want to influence your opinion about it some way. I'm not here to share my opinion about this drug with you. This is absolutely your business to buy and use it or not. I just think, that natural aphrodisiacs named above are anyway healthier and good for libido.

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