About the blog

This blog is created after a long thought and preparation. We've a tendency to speak about the matters we like most; the matter in which we're interested and cherish in our heart.
After a few failed attempt it made me to go with it and let the world know about my likes, interests and passions. It is knowing of the human mind. Reaching out to people and make them realize about their own inner potentialities, empower them, lending them a shoulder when they need it most.
In my last four years of online counselling of friends I've come across a few hundreds friends who trusted me and believed that their matters could be resolved through interactions with me. They were proved right.
In this blog an effort has been made to post those articles which are intended to empower the human kind. To me you the reader and my friend is the most important factor to me. The contents of this blog is for you.
And with you in mind all those articles are being assimilated from all around so that you don't have to run around for different matters to different sites. But you'll get it at one place. In this blog.
Make it a regular habit to read the articles. Subscribe it to the RSS feeds, share it on facebook or twitter, email it to your friends, share it with your loved ones.
Its for you. Enjoy it.
Thank you.