Sunday, October 14, 2012

Simple Mind Power Seduction Techniques

Simple Mind Power Seduction Techniques


By Ewen Chia, Creator of Super Mind Powers

Mind power has been used through the centuries because it helps people achieve great heights in their careers, financial status and even in their personal relationships.

The mind can actually have some inherent powers that generate attraction among people. This is probably why there are mind power seduction techniques existing today.

What most people are not aware of is that our minds can go from the conscious state to the subconscious state in the blink of an eye. Within this period of time, we are only using ten percent of our brain's total capacity for mental activity. Mind power techniques use the other ninety percent to produce great results.

That is why there really is no reason for you to worry about being alone for the rest of your life. Turn these great tips into dating success and reap the benefits of utilizing your mind power seduction.

1. Achieve inner peace prior to interaction with the person you are interested in.

You need to free yourself of your inner struggles, your self-esteem issues and external pressures like social norms or family comments. When you do this, you are allowing positive energy to transform you from the inside. It is often said that the reason behind ruining things on your date is because of insecurities and nervousness. This can often manifest into your actions or behaviour during your date. Most men and women find it unattractive when the person they are with appear to be stiff and frigid. This is why it is important to achieve inner peace before you actually go on a date.

Find a relaxing activity and contemplate on your strengths rather than on your weaknesses. Work with your subconscious and tell yourself that the person you are meeting is a normal and ordinary human being like you so there really is no need for any pretenses. This will condition you now to be more comfortable in your own skin prior to the event.

2. Focus on what you would like to see at the end of your interaction. 

Visualize your goals and make them specific and detailed. This is one way of following the laws of attraction. If you continuously ask for things that you actually want, the universe has a way of bringing it to you. You need to condition your subconscious mind towards achieving success.

Consequently you need your conscious mind what success means for you. This would help you take the right action and guide your behavior during the date. This is more effective if your motives are clear and positive. Positive emotions help a person's attractive quotient as well as bring in good karma rather than bad luck.

3. Maintain a positive attitude.

Try to always look at the bright side of things and do not linger on self-defeat or self-pity. When doubt starts setting in, you are just preparing yourself to face failure. However, if you maintain a positive view of the situation, you are able to affirm yourself and be the best person you can be.

Try using these mind power seduction techniques and see great results happen to your love life.

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Mary June said...

Wow this is really amazing! I am always fascinated with this mind technique and I know it works as I have a friend who does this and it is really a stunner.

mind power techniques

Joy Perfume said...

The results of this lifestyle are there for all to see, the confusion that we see in all the systems that are running our current world. Most people live in a really confused state of mind and they are in search of themselves.

Ilchi Lee