Friday, December 30, 2011

The Value of Encouragement

The Value of Encouragement

We are lucky enough to live opposite a magnificent sporting complex (3
soccer fields and a cricket pitch); so we get entertained all year round
with the presence of people of all ages playing to win! The most passion
shown is when the kids are playing!

The other day I experienced a soccer coach working with his young
teenage team just prior to them playing a match.

What a great time I had listening to his words of praise and
encouragement as I walked just near them as I wandered home from one
of my daily strolls beside our beautiful lake.

His words were so uplifting and supportive to this group of keen young
sportsmen! They were about to go onto the field, and do their best to
win their game, which they train so hard for every week.

After I got home I sat and observed his actions with the young guys just
before they ran on to begin play. I couldn't hear his words now as I was
inside our home and telling Sue what I had heard him saying; but I could
distinctly see his supportive actions and energy as he spoke to every
player individually. Pats on the back; hand shakes; high-fives;
encouragement plus! Pure magic!

Every one of them lit up with enthusiasm and eagerness to do their
best for him, for themselves, and for the team!

The coach of the other team was displaying the exact opposite behavior;
he was yelling abuse and criticism 'at' his young players the whole
time; and displayed an arrogant argumentative attitude towards the
opposition team and the umpire for the entire game.

Yes - the team who received the nurturing and encouragement did win the
game! And...they celebrated accordingly with their singing, dancing, and
excited cheering!

The other team walked off the field with their heads hung down in

The people in our lives; those people who we spend time and
conversation with; are also experiencing either encouragement or
criticism from us
and others.

They also will be feeling those winning or losing emotions; just as we
do from others in our lives!

It is important for us all to be aware of what we are 'putting out
there' when dealing with family, friends, and work mates.

Yes, I do understand that "What other people do or say is their stuff;
and how we react (or not) is our stuff"; however - this message today is
about promoting the use of encouraging words and actions as often as possible.

Encouragement: We all need to hear it; see it; and feel it!

Best way for each of us to have that experience is to give it out
freely; and it will come back freely!

Have a great week of doing your best to just be YOU!

Phil Evans is a Motivator, Business Coach, Life Coach and
Inspirational Writer specialising in Relationship Dynamics and
Adoption Issues. You can visit his website at:
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