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2012: Just another year?

2012: Just another year?

Dear Friend,

Most ofus become nostalgic in every December. The last page of the Calendar, thechilling cold, the festival season and prepare to welcome the New Year. Someamong us who're a bit resolute prepare a list (short or long depending on theassignments, carried forward and unfinished) of "to do" and "be such".

Unfortunatelymost of those lists don't survive beyond two weeks and go into hibernation forthe next 340 or so days. Personally, I don't believe in making New Yearresolutions or I can say I've long been tired of making such list only to makemyself feel guilty for not being the person as I had projected in the beginningof the year. From personal experience I've observed that a consciousdetermination works better in the field of self-development rather than a listtucked somewhere in the wallet.

Now Iask you a question: what are you going to do or to be in the year 2012 or is itjust going to be another year consisting of 366 days or 8784 hours or 527,040minutes? Many a hype has been created concerning 2012; the world is coming toan end and it has been predicted by the Mayan in their Calendar thousands ofyears ago.

To me,its immaterial if the world survives or perishes. Which matters most is thathave I done what I was assigned to do sincerely, honestly and to the clearanceof my conscience? If the answer is in affirmative then I don't care if I dietoday. Because on that eventuality I'd be clear to my own conscience that I'vedone my work. Do these words "works" or "assignments" be limited to your workand personal life? No! We're not that mean to limit our spheres to our job orfamily life. We've a greater purpose to serve and for that purpose we'rebrought here.

My worksor assignments include everyone who comes in contact with me. When I wake up inthe morning then I'd think that today I'd meet a lot many people who're good,bad, indifferent, burdened with their own agendas of fulfilling their owngoals. But when they'd come in contact with me or interact with me then I'd tryto make their experience of meeting me a memorable one. Because I know thatthey can't harm me unless I allow them the free hand to do so. I'm in totalcontrol of myself whereas those people might not be in theirs. So it'd be mysincere endeavour to make them comfortable while interacting with me.

It's notthat those who'd approach me have some hidden agenda or asking for some favoursor benefits. The question is how I've dealt with them. I'd conduct with them insuch a way which would make them remember the particular words of praise orappreciation of their virtues long after we've forgotten about the same.

Therewas a great saint in India, named Tulsi Das. He was a great poet too andcomposed his philosophical thoughts in micro poems of two liners. Those arecalled "Doha" or two-liners. He had written "Tulsi jab tum jag mei ayo jaghasey tun roye/Ab aisi karni kae chalo ke tum haso jag roye" means;when you were born Tulsi you cried but people had laughed at your birth now dosome such works for which people would cry when you'll die.

This istrue for all of us. Just stop for a moment and think who'll cry when I die. Ofcourse my family members, my children would mourn my loss but the people ingeneral would be non-challant, unmoved and unperturbed; oblivious of ourdeparture. Certainly you or I don't want this kind of farewell bid for us. Dowe? Nope. We're here to make a wave. Yes a wave which would sweep people andthey'd remember us.

It'd beour sincere endeavour to add value, of whatever trivial quantity it might be,to the life of people we'd come in contact with. I'm not talking aboutphilanthropy or "The Law of Attraction" butfrom a simple humanitarian point of view; tothink more about the person in front of me and give less priority to our owninterests.

Resolvetoday to take a step, be it a small one or a giant leap, to make this World abetter place to live.  We need it very much.

Letthere be only one agenda for the 2012, make this world a better place. Don'tlet the 2012 be just another year.

Myheartfelt good wishes for you in 2012.


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