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10 Vital Keys to Life Success

10 Vital Keys to Life Success

Success may seem elusive at times.

We may strive to achieve goals, read inspirational books
and really work hard to make the quality shift we may
desire in our lives.

When that doesn't work we blame it on luck.

However, success has nothing to do with luck.

Success is a question of learning the key laws that
govern the outcomes of your effort and taking action
to move your Dream forward.

My personal experience has been a rich journey that led me
to identify what I consider as the Ten Vital Keys to
Life Success.

Nowadays, in my work as a Life Coach I base my
facilitation on these keys which have proved to be
the most effective way to cope
with Life's challenges and achieve Life Success.

Here's a very brief overview of the 10 Keys that can take you to
the next level in life:


1) Challenge your Self-limitations : The biggest culprit in
destroying Dreams is our own self-sabotaging thoughts.

We need to work on these before even considering further
progress. There are a lot of ways to do this including
by working on what I call your 'Golum' thoughts and
creating empowering Beliefs.

Golum is the personification of the protective thoughts
that run in our heads at times and which limit our life
by putting excessive fear in risking and in trying out
new things.

Our Golum might tell us things like:
'You've failed before, what's to stop you from failing
again' or 'Don't go out of your comfort zone or you will
get pain'.

Challenging these thoughts and creating new empowering
beliefs is a crucial step to trigger off your journey
towards life success.


2) Charge your Body and Language: The way we move our
body and the language we use have a powerful effect on
our feelings and emotions.

Working on particular body movements and specific words
we use can create a shift in our emotional status and
motivational levels. By energizing our body movements
and using transformational words we can shift our
mental states to more empowering ones.


3) Clarify your Principles and Values: We all need a
compass to direct our journey.

We also need to be aware of who we really are - what
innate qualities dwell within us that are just waiting to be
tapped and celebrated. Clarifying your Core Values
through specific Values clarification exercises is a
vital step towards empowering you to take clear decisions
without too much hesitation.

Clarifying your Values will help you to identify your
personal gifts and what direction you will choose to
honor in your life.


4) Connect to your Dream and Life Purpose: Clear Values
will help you to delve deeper and identify your Life
Purpose. Through exercises such as the Universal Life
Secrets program you can discover the True Mission and
meaning of your life as well as tap the BIG Dream you
want to achieve.


5) Create it in your Mind: Once you discover your Dream
and Life Purpose you need to start working on Manifesting

The first creation is in the mind. By believing in
your Dream and doing specific visualization exercises
you will pave the way for success.


6) Commit Yourself Completely: Commitment is a crucial
factor in ensuring success. You can't look over your
shoulder once you have a passionate Dream to follow.

There's no turning back when you have inspired yourself
to achieve higher standards and identified what you will
no longer accept in your life. There comes a time when you
will need to 'burn the bridges' and march forward with
a clear sense of commitment.


7) Convert your passion into Action: There is no such
thing as effortless success. Don't believe anyone who
tells you that you can just sit back and attract good
luck and abundance simply by thinking yourself into it.

In order to succeed you must take massive action - right
away after you take the decision to live your Dream.


8) Continue persisting with consistency: Persistence
and perseverance is what finally births success.

It is the sheer will to continue on your chosen path,
the focus of consistently hanging on to your Dream,
watching the signs that Providence provides and
immediately acting on them.


9) Consolidate and Expand: Once your Dream starts
manifesting it's important to continue raising your
standards, expanding your boundaries and taking time
to recreate yourself. Consistently doing things that
raise your standards will ensure that you develop
yourself to your peak performance


10) Contribute to a Higher Cause: Achieving self mastery
will prompt you to look beyond your self-fulfillment.

Your new confidence and success will attract others to
you and you will find yourself able to lead and
communicate a shared Dream. Your ability
to create a Legacy that will outlive you will be
the apex of True Life Success.

Looking back over the years I just marvel at the
amazing changes that these 10 Vital Keys have brought
into my life. I am also marveled each time I experience
the powerful and life changing effects that occur in
the people I coach when they start applying
these keys in their life.

Your friend,
Chris D'Cruz
Keeper of the Universal Secrets
Edited by: Lawyer Asaad

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