Monday, December 27, 2010

A New Free Album for Everyone!

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Don't think it as a marketing gimmick - read below as there is a FREE ALBUM FOR EVERYONE! - A direct download with no strings attached!

A FREE Album For Everyone!

Unfortunately we only had time in the Christmas rush to record 2.... well that was our plan..... but Kathleen De Pover suggested an album that we thought was so good that we made a 3rd album... not only that, but we are making it available for everyone to download FOR FREE - NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

Her suggestion was for "a subliminal that is focused on making 2011 a successful and fulfilling year full
of love, happiness and abundance for all of us! 2011 the year that we achieve our goals!"
We took that idea and made an album called A Positive and Successful 2011.

A Positive and Successful 2011: This is a simple album, which everyone can get benefit from, but also because it is date specific it is not actually relevant, so we don't want to charge for it, however, it also
won't be available forever. This album will only be available until the 7th of January 2011 - so download
it now FOR FREE before we remove it FOREVER.

* Take Action: An album designed to make sure you take action as and when you need it. We all have ideas and plans, and often the only thing that separates us from success is actually taking action. Put an end to this vicious cycle with this album and achieve the success you deserve next year!

* Body Regeneration: Our mind is a powerful tool. If we take full control of our mind we really can influence our physical body, and even our health in positive ways.
This album will focus your subconscious mind on healing
and regenerating your body, and on making you feel young again!

There are many more albums we would like to make from that list, but we just don't have the time right now with it being Christmas,
we will have A LOT of new albums coming in the new year and the months ahead though, and don't forget - download our Christmas present to you - the brand new,
free album: A Positive and Successful 2011!

Merry Christmas!
Marvin King

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