Thursday, November 24, 2011

Are You Too Normal To Be Rich?

Are You Too Normal To Be Rich?
By Barry Goss / Source: The Wealth Vault

I want to bring to your attention a scary poll:

Only 13 people in 100 now believe they have enough money to retire comfortably. It was almost 30 in 100 in the first quarter of 2010.

Now, don't misunderstand me here, when I ask this rhetorical question ('cause there is balance needed, as I'll tell you about in a second), but really...

With people hunkering down -- families are de-leveraging at a massive pace -- and many small businesses getting "the squeeze" from the contracting economy, do you really think this is the best time to SPEND money on a high-end course about "money mindset" (indirect activity) when you can just put the money you have to work for you (direct productivity)?

Of course, I'm speaking in general here, and not specifically asking YOU the above question.

However, to ask it differently and more personally:

Has your lifestyle recently changed because you didn't have access to a source of cash-flow, when you needed it?

And, I'm not talking debt-financing here. No, you, unlike our government, don't have a printing press (if you do, let us know; we'll come over with a bottle of Dom Perignon and borrow it for an hour or two).

What I am talking about, though, is this:

There are relatively proven and safe places (compared to, say, a bank, for instance, that goes out of business — over 700 of them) where you can turn small amounts of money, without any work on your part, into BIGGER amounts of money.

And, there are two main reasons you don't yet know about these places:

#1) You're Normal! That's right, to be blunt, you do what everybody else does. You get your resources, contacts, and Rolodex from the very same people in your own situation. Or worse, the mainstream news.

All our lives we are pushed into the crowd to fit in... thus we are "wounded by normalcy." "Normal" people don't do anything abnormal or supernatural (above natural). They might be considered crazy or a dreamer if they dared try anything out of the norm!

So, it's simple: If you don't want to be "normal" financially (i.e. always striving to get out of a hole, worrying about your budget, wondering how to gain leverage and live a life that doesn't strap you to trading time for money), then you can't think "normal".

And, if "normal" people think you're off your rocker for being active in anything that you can have access to within our Wealth Vault, that is a very good indication that you're headed in the right direction. Really!

#2) You're Not Connected. Look, you already know (even if you just suspect) that people who are in high places to "scratch each other's backs" -- politicians, beaurocrats, bankers, and the business elite -- already have access to a "wealth network." And, this network digs beneath the surface of mainstream investing.
When it comes to things like high-yield investments, managed money funds, tax minimization strategies, multi-currency bank accounts, anonymous international debit cards, profiting from farmland, foreign annuities, etc. it's WHO you know that matters.

We're going to show you HOW you can put your hard-earned savings to work "outside the system." Instead of trusting your money to brokers and managers who only care about their commissions; instead of believing in the phony Fed bailout and buying stock in companies that may or may not pay you consistent dividends — we're going to do something DIFFERENT:

Give you access to virtually unknown (unconventional) investment instruments that the baby-boomer masses 'think' only the super-rich can participate in.

We don't learn about these residual "cash flow" and high-yield "hushed" investing / business opportunities by reading the evening paper.

Neither will you.

Instead, you'll ONLY get them by being part of a team — a network of "investment investigators" who scour the world for the best deals and unique profit opportunities.

Hey, I'm not here to strong-arm you, in any other way than to just be as straightforward as I can.

Without question, we're creating one of the most information-rich, benefit-dripping PRIVATE investment clubs online.

And, it'll cost you less than 40 cents per day to be a part of the fun, profits, and resources that will 'keep you in the loop' whenever we come across a unique wealth-building or profit opportunity.

Profit opportunities, by the way, which focus on programs that don't require you to sell stuff, learn marketing skills, or recruit or talk to people!

Make, Manage, and Multiply Your Money Here in the Private Wealth Vault

Barry Goss is a renegade writer, information publisher, contrarian investor, and time-freedom advocate. As the co-founder of the LWL (Life Without Limits) publishing brand, he is known for his uncensored, candid, no-holds-barred stance on self-accountable accomplishment and helping others to focus on what matters most: results.

He's a 'change maker' who, along with the LWL team, has inspired thousands of readers and customers to expand their perceptions and question life (and what's possible while playing its game) like they've never questioned it before.

Edited by: Lawyer Asad