Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to Improve Your Memory and Give Yourself a Competitive Edge

How to Improve Your Memory and Give Yourself a Competitive Edge


People have been interested in improving their lot in life for all of recorded history, and enhancing your mental capacities is a natural part of that interest. Memory is the easiest brain function to improve. We all know how embarrassing it is to forget someone's name, or an important date. But more significant than that is the importance of memory in any career field or social activity.

In America the interest in memory goes back even to our founding fathers. Thomas Jefferson focused on memory as the first element in his private library. Today people are captivated by the astounding feats of participants in the USA Memory Championships. Many of the principals of memory enhancement were first developed by Harry Lorayne in the latter part of the 20th century.

Harry Lorayne is well known as the world's foremost memory training specialist. He has written many books on the topic, and still holds the distinction of being the only author with books on the subject of memory training to ever be on bestseller lists. He has had books on the New York Times bestseller list and in many book clubs around the nation.

One of the key points in memory retention is association. It is difficult to remember intangible items like numbers or lists, but if you can develop strong associations between the intangible items and tangible or well-known objects the memory bond is much stronger. This has become common knowledge now. The important part is taking this theoretical information and putting it to practical use.

I was lucky enough to read one of Harry Lorayne's books when I was very young, and it has made an astounding difference in my life. That book was the first self-improvement book I ever bought, at the tender young age of fourteen. I have little doubt that studying his memory enhancement strategies had a lot to do with qualifying for membership in Mensa just a few years later. Today I am well into my 50's, and continue to astound people with my strong recollection abilities.

Developing the memory also leads to improvement of other mental faculties such as observation, reason, concentration and imagination. People who develop their retentive abilities tend to do better in life; they are more successful in business and more popular in social situations. If you want to give yourself a competitive edge, pursue the development of your mental capacities, starting with memory. If you want to give your children an "unfair advantage" in school, memory training is an absolute necessity.

Harry Lorayne has compiled the knowledge of his lifelong study of memory into his ultimate contribution to the field in his most popular course, the Memory Power Course. The course consists of a 270 page manual, 8 audio files and 2 videos. It's the closest thing to personal instruction by Harry Lorayne himself. This work has recently been digitized and is available for immediate download to your computer from his site at I would strongly recommend that you consider investing in this course; it will pay many dividends over the rest of your life.

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