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What Happens After 'Death'?

What Happens After 'Death'?  
By Adrian Cooper
Excerpt from Our Ultimate Reality

I would like to commence this section by emphatically stating an extremely
important truth which everyone should know and understand beyond any
possible doubt: There really is no such state as "death".

What many people believe to be the finality of "death" is in fact no more
and no less than the transition from one state of life and reality, that of
the physical matter, to a state of life of a vastly finer density of the
Universe, often known as the "Astral planes", sometimes referred to as "the
beyond", the "fourth dimension" or the "afterlife".

What they are called is of no consequence however, the fact is they do exist
and for a time becomes the new home for people departing physical life,
before either returning for another life on earth or progressing to the
inner spheres of reality, the Mental planes, the Spirit worlds.

We will discuss the nature of the Astral planes later in this book<>,
but first we will look at the process erroneously known as "death".

We are all multi-dimensional beings, each of us having numerous "bodies"
corresponding to our many states of "being" within the multi-dimensional
Universe. These very broadly consist of the physical body, the Etheric or
Energy Body, the Astral Body and the Mental bodies. We have numerous Mental
or Spirit bodies, all relating to the infinite degrees and states of
vibration, density and being, ranging from the very lowest to the very
highest. The Astral Body is often referred to as the "Soul" and the Mental
Body the immortal "Spirit". It is the Mental Body, the immortal Spirit that
is "made in the true image of God", not the physical body as many suppose.

God is pure Spirit, and ultimately every single person exists as pure Spirit
beyond all concept of form. The seat of our very "being" or Consciousness is
within the Mental Body, the immortal Spirit. The Astral Body, the Soul,
actually consists of both the conjoined Astral and Mental bodies, and is
therefore can be more accurately referred to as the Astra-Mental Body. These
subtle bodies are composed of Energy, vibrations, the nature of which is
completely unique for everyone, each individual possessing a unique Energy
signature by means of which they can be uniquely identified.

Within the inner spheres of reality, the Astral and Mental planes, people
exist at the level of vibration of the Ether that is exactly equivalent to
the level of vibration of their Astral and Mental bodies respectively. The
level of vibration of the Astral and Mental Body depends in turn upon many
factors, including but not limited to individual degree of ennoblement or
perfection, degree to which the ego has been transcended, realisation of
Spirit or "God" within, degree of unresolved karma, and most importantly the
realisation of the most powerful force in the Universe; Unconditional Love.

*So what actually happens when people experience physical "death"? *

The circumstances upon which people arrive at the end of their current
physical existence obviously varies very widely, and can range from very
sudden death, for example resulting from an accident or sudden illness,
through death as a result of a long illness, to natural death as a result of
old age; and of course there are numerous possibilities in between.

Regardless of the precise circumstances prevailing at the end of physical
life, what follows is substantially the same in all cases. At the instant
where the physical body ceases to function, a large amount of Vital Energy
is transferred to the Etheric Body, also known as the Energy Body. The
Etheric, or Energy Body also includes the Astral and Mental bodies. The
Etheric Body will then, in many cases become the new "temporary" body of the
recently "deceased" person. Sometimes however the recently deceased person
will transition directly to the Astral worlds.

What happens next again varies from person to person and circumstance to
circumstance, but is usually in the range of the following possibilities.
Those who do not transition directly to the Astral worlds will, immediately
after physical death, find themselves very much "alive" in their Etheric
Body. A person after "death" can often fully observe everything happening
around them, including all people present.

In fact what the person is "seeing" is not their actual physical
surroundings, no longer having any physical senses and existing a a much
higher rate of vibration and lower density as compared to the actual
physical world, but is rather a very close Etheric "reflection" of those
surroundings; but to all intents and purposes they seem identical.

If other people are present, for example doctors, the person might well see
and hear himself or herself being pronounced "dead". The "deceased" person
can then, if desired, stay and watch what happens to their "old body",
observe the actions of the people present for example doctors, nurses and
relatives, or may decide to immediately go elsewhere.

It should be noted that in this much finer state of existence as pure
Energy, it is quite possible to travel anywhere in the world or indeed the
entire Universe in an instant, literally at the speed of thought. The
Etheric plane is a Mind world, an extension of the Astral planes and the
Universe as a whole, and therefore existing beyond the boundaries and
restrictions of physical space and time.

The "deceased" person often remains very close to the physical world while
the level of Etheric Energy in their Etheric Body remains sufficiently high.
They will very often make the most of this opportunity to visit and say
goodbye to family and friends, and perhaps to visit their old home and
favourite places they particularly enjoyed in physical life. Of course,
living people cannot, with the exception of psychics and clairvoyants,
usually "see" the "deceased" person, and usually any attempt by the deceased
person to communicate with living people will fail. Very often the
"deceased" person will also attend their own funeral, not only to see all
family, friends and other people they knew in physical life gatherer to pay
their respects, but also to realise the finality of the end of that
particular physical life on Earth.

The deceased person can make the decision to transition to the Astral worlds
at any time simply by desiring and willing it to happen, and by thinking of
being there, but only if they realise the possibility exists. Otherwise the
transition will usually take place naturally once the supply of Etheric
Energy is depleted, and the dense Etheric Body will dissipate, giving way to
the finer vibrations of the Astral Body, naturally enabling a transition to
the appropriate level of the Astral planes in accordance with the level of
perfection of the Soul, and the level of vibrations of the person generally.
This will determine which part of the Astral planes they will naturally
migrate to, most decent people transitioning to the mid-Astral worlds which,
as well will see later in this book, are remarkably similar to the physical
world that has been left behind.

The other extreme occurs when a newly deceased person transitions directly
to the Astral world almost immediately after physical "death". Sometimes
they will be aware of their physical death, but very often the first thing a
deceased person will be aware of is a "tunnel of light" into which they are
pulled at great speed. In other cases the scenery will simply fade away from
the physical world and "melt" into the Astral world almost seamlessly.

Irrespective of how the deceased person arrives in the Astral world, they
will never be alone. Other Astral residents, frequently previously deceased
relatives and friends, will often be there to greet them and to help them to
settle into their new home. Very often the newly deceased person will arrive
at, or be taken to a place in the Astral world which is effectively a
"reception area" for newly arrived Souls. There they will be met by a host
of helpers with the task of assisting new arrivals to settle in to their new
Astral home. Such helpers specialise in all manner of cases, and are able to
assist with the transition process regardless of the circumstances
surrounding physical death. There are billions of people living within the
Astral world, having previously experienced life from the past, present and
future of Earth.

Every eventuality is fully accounted for, and no person is ever left alone
in the Astral worlds after physical death. For most decent people arriving
at the mid-levels of the Astral worlds, those who have led a "normal" life
and had no strongly held beliefs, in particular religious beliefs, the
environment is always extremely peaceful and harmonious but otherwise quite
similar in many respects to the Earth environment from whence they just
arrived. If the physical death was sudden, violent or due to some
self-inflicted disorder such as alcoholism, or the person was ill for some
time before physical death occurred, there will be the Astral equivalent of
hospitals with doctors and nurses, people who might well have been doctors
and nurses in a previous life on hand to assist.

Very often, because the Astral worlds can appear to be almost identical to
the physical world in appearance, some people simply do not believe they
have actually "died", and therefore cannot understand what has happened.
Such people can become most bewildered and confused and might require
attention by specialist helpers until they can come to terms with their new
state of existence in the "afterlife" of the Astral worlds.
Another situation requiring a great deal of care from Astral specialists are
the cases of children, infants and babies who leave the physical world
before their time. In these situations there are the equivalent of
specialist nurses and carers on hand who will look after the child until he
or she is old enough to join a family in the Astral worlds. There are many
such families who will gladly take on the responsibility of looking after
children who arrived before their own parents. Older children will usually
join a family as soon as they have come to terms with their new reality and
home in the Astral worlds.

Children can usually adapt to their new life in the Astral worlds much more
quickly than adults, largely because they had not yet been fully
indoctrinated into the ways of the physical world. Younger children might
well feel at home in the Astral worlds almost immediately as it has not been
very long since they originally left the Astral or Spirit worlds to be born
into the physical life which they have recently departed. Such children will
therefore still be of an age where they can still vividly remember their
previous life in the Astral or Spirit worlds. To such infants their stay on
Earth was nothing more than a very short adventure, often with a specific
purpose in their own individual evolution and progress on the path.

Upon arriving in the Astral worlds most people settle in to their new home
very quickly indeed, and soon create a new "life" for themselves. They will,
sooner or later, completely lose interest in the physical world and their
previous life associated with it. However, people living in the Astral
worlds can, and very often do "visit" the physical world whenever they feel
the need to, often to visit loved ones left behind. There are numerous cases
of bereaved family and friends suddenly feeling the "presence" of their
loved one, and in these cases it very often really is their loved one
visiting for a time from the Astral worlds.

It should be mentioned that "deceased" people living in the Astral worlds
will often watch over their loved ones still living in the physical world,
guiding them by means of inspiration, and protecting them from inner dangers
whenever possible. Because the Universe is infinite living Mind, thought is
a very powerful primary Energy, and it is therefore relatively easy for
people in the Astral worlds to influence the Minds of people still living in
the physical world. Such influence can suddenly arrive in the Minds of
people on Earth as intuition, inspiration or ideas, the recipient of such
thoughts believing them to be their own thoughts and ideas. Pets, such as
cats and dogs, can very often sense the presence of their deceased owners in
a very powerful way.

It is also possible for people living in the Astral worlds to visit family
and others in their dreams. This happens much more often than most people
realise. Dreams of meeting deceased people are often very real indeed, and
such contacts should always be noted, taken very seriously and any messages
remembered. Everyone in the physical world leaves their body at night while
in deep sleep, and Astral residents sometimes take this opportunity to meet
with their loved ones "face to face" in the Astral worlds, such meetings
often being remembered in the morning as a vivid lifelike dream. Again,
these meetings are often very real indeed and should always be remembered
and all messages received well and truly noted. Sometimes important
information is passed on this way, as well as reassurances that the
"deceased" person is very well, happy and content in their new Astral home.

Although it is perfectly natural, and to a reasonable extent healthy to
grieve for a deceased loved one, it is most important to realise these
people are not really "dead", and have not therefore in any way ceased to
exist. The loved one is now living in what is actually a truer reality than
the physical world. Assuming they are living in the mid to high Astral
worlds, or within the Spirit worlds, they will be experiencing an existence
of pure love, light, bliss, peace and happiness on a level beyond the
comprehension of most people still living on Earth.

*Cure the Fear of Death with Astral Projection*

One of the *benefits of Astral Projection<>
*, which will be discussed in detail later in this book, is the ability to
visit and explore the Astral worlds and to meet deceased loved ones and
friends. To Astral projectors death holds no absolutely fears whatsoever,
with the absolute knowing, beyond any doubts whatsoever the glorious life
waiting after the final release from the confines of physical life on the
physical plane in the restrictions of a physical body.

As we will also see later in this book, everyone in the Astral worlds lives
at the same level, the same realm, sphere or plane as people who were of a
similar nature in the physical world; similar characters, beliefs and in
particular level of Spiritual development. In the mid-Astral worlds where
most decent people, probably around fifty percent or more transition after
physical death, there is no work, no money, no unhappiness, but rather
complete peace and happiness, everyone living together in perfect harmony.
People, who in the physical world were disruptive in any way, will be living
in the lower Astral worlds with like Minded, similarly disruptive people,
thus always preserving the complete peace and harmony of the inner Astral
worlds. Of course everyone always has the opportunity to evolve from the
lower Astral worlds to the inner Astral worlds once they have learned their
lessons, and have attained a vibration that will enable them to co-exist
with others at the same higher level of vibration.

People who have left the physical world of matter have been liberated once
again, and will live and rest for a time in the Astral and Mental worlds
before returning to Earth once again if necessary to begin a new physical
life. Friends, relatives and loved ones should celebrate this joyfully!
Death, however sad, tragic or unexpected means the liberation of a Soul from
their physical body to the inner worlds of existence where they will be with
like-Minded people.

Although people still living in the physical world regard those living in
the Astral and Spirit worlds as "dead", to those people who passed on to and
our now living in the Astral and Spirit worlds it is the people still living
in the density of the physical world, with all of the trials it brings who
actually appear to be "dead" by comparison, dead to the splendours, glories,
peace, harmony and liberation of the inner worlds, to which every single
person will transition sooner or later.
"Death" should never be feared. It is something to anticipate when the time
comes as a completely natural aspect of individual evolution, and a
transition to glorious worlds of pure harmony, bliss and beauty, inhabited
by like-Minded people, where none of the hardships, trials and misery that
is so prevalent on Earth exists. The transition of passing to the inner,
Astral worlds is a joyous time, a time for celebration.

Edited by: Lawyer Asad

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