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How To Defeat Negative Thought Patterns

How To Defeat Negative Thought Patterns*Source: Secret Achiever Formula

Perhaps you're the type of person who has a bad habit of thinking too
much about negative thoughts. To describe that perfectly, that's
negative thinking, such as "I'm so sad", "I cannot do it", or "I feel
ugly." How do you eliminate a bad habit when it is totally dwelling in
your mind?

Here is a simple technique I use to squash negative patterns of
thought. It is actually a method I derived from combining the memory
technique termed as chaining and swish pattern based from NLP. This
technique really works fine for me.

So instead of resisting the negative pattern, what you will do is to
redirect it. Get the energy of that negative thought pattern then
rechannel it to positive thought pattern. With some mental
conditioning, once the negative pattern of thought occurs, the mind
will involuntarily flow directly to the positive thought.

*Here how it is done…*

Assuming the negative thought you experience is subvocalization,
meaning, you hear a voice in the back of your head saying something
like "I am stupid." If it is a mental image (visual) or kinesthetic
(gut feeling), the same exercise applies. In most cases the negative
thought comes in combination of visual, kinesthetic and auditory.

*Step 1: Turn your negative thought to a mental image*

Use that voice then turn it to a mental picture that is somewhat
related to what you hear. For instance, if the thought says "I'm
stupid," visualize yourself dressed foolishly, wearing dunce cap and
jumping like an idiot.

Now imagine that you are surrounded by many people who are all looking
at you while you're shouting "I'm stupid." Do
this process again and again until arrive at a point where thinking of
this negative thought instantly brings up this funny imagery.

However, if you find it hard to visualize, you can do it in auditory
fashion. The same process goes applies. Just translate your negative
thought in a sound, such as a funny jingle you can sing.

*Step 2: Find and replace it with an empowering thought*

Instead of having a negative thought, replace it with a positive
thought that you like. So if you're thinking "I'm stupid, then you can
replace it with "I'm smart." Choose a positive thought that can
empower you wherein that will disrupt the effect of the negative
thought to yourself.

*Step 3: Turn your positive thought into a mental image*

Do the same process stated in step number 1 to generate a new image
from your positive thought. For instance, using the example "I'm

visualize yourself posing like a professional, standing tall with your head

high. Imagine a huge bulb located above your head. Now the bulb turns on as

bright as the sun, and you see yourself shouting proud, "I'm
sssmmmaaarrrttt!" Again, repeat this process until it will
automatically bring up this associated imagery.

*Step **4: Psychologically chain the 2 images together*

Use the images you've visualized in step number 1 and 3 then combine
them together in your mind. Now try to animate the 1st scene to the
2nd scene.

Pretend that you are making a movie and you're the director. You have
an opening scene and closing scene. The only thing left unfinished is

middle scene of the movie. Now use your imagination to create a scene
that will make up the middle scene, which will eventually lead to the

scene.Once you have the whole scene finalized, rehearse it mentally.
Do it again and again until you can do it as fast as you can.

*Step 5: Test*

Now test your mental redirecting ability to know if it works. Just by
thinking of a negative thought will immediately redirect your mind to
think of a positive thought. If you do this exercise correctly, the
faster the results will be. These negative thoughts you have in mind
are the stimuli that causes the mind to run the entire pattern
automatically. And so whenever you think, "I'm stupid," even if you're
not fully aware, you'll end up thinking, "I'm smart."

As long as you keep practicing this exercise, the faster you will
master it. It will be difficult at first, but that's just normal.
That's part of the learning process so don't give up.

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