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12 Successful Ways to Cure Low Brain Power and Memory

12 Successful Ways to Cure Low Brain Power and Memory

Source: The Miracle Powers of the Mind (a miracle from God?)

Generally, brain power is imperative for one to excel in life. A person's intellectual capacity along with his ability to utilize the capacity of the brain to its full potential is called brain power. Our memory is the sub-type of our brain power or typically considered as an important aspect of brain power.

More often than not, memory is referred to as the power of the brain to store, retain as well as retrieve acquired information. An individual with good memory may quite not equally have good brain power.

However, an individual with good brain power is more likely to possess a good memory. The difference between memory and brain power has been unmistakably elucidated.

Memory is classified in 2 types in which we usually know as long term or short term memory. Short term memory is characterized by having limited storage capacity. The information stored in our short term memory is deleted after few minutes or even seconds. While on the other hand, the storage capacity for long term memory is enormous which means that it has the ability to store unlimited amount of day for unlimited period of time.

Certain factors that contribute to the occurrence of memory loss involves stress, depression, anxiety, B12 vitamin deficiency, ADHD, prolonged illness, abnormality of blood supply in the brain region, infections like herpes and encephalitis, neurodegenerative diseases such as Dementia and many more. Your brain power as well as your memory tends to deteriorate with age or any other factors stated above. However, the good thing is there are some effective ways to prevent this kind of deterioration.

Cures for poor memory and brain power:

  • Try your best to store new information or data in your brain through learning new things by way of reading newspapers or books, visiting a museum or watching a quiz show etc. Doing this will prevent the weakening or deterioration of your brain power and memory.
  • Try to challenge your mind by remembering the things you have stored in your brain without the help of any memory aid. For example, go shopping without having a list of products to purchase. Instead, just recall the things you are going to buy in the market on your own.
  • Doing the same activities regularly can weaken your brain strength and memory. To avoid this from happening, find something new to do or engage in new activities.
  • An effective way to remember things are to write them down on a clean sheet of paper, then revise them twice daily. If you want, you can also divide the things you wrote into smaller parts so you will be able to memorize them effectively. When done, store them in your brain. Doing this will give good results to you.
  • Try to solve riddles or crossword puzzles. This is such a good idea since these are effective brain teasers. Not only that it will help you to relax, but more importantly it will help enhance your brain power and memory.
  • Eat green leafy vegetables or have a protein rich food plan as it helps improve brain strength and memory.
  • If you want you can take supplements to improve the condition of your brain function. An example of such supplement that can prevent the deterioration of brain and memory is Constant Focus.
  • Prevent your mind from being overloaded with stress. This is not good for your mental health. If you're experiencing this, have a stress management.
  • Having enough sleep is an effective way to cure poor memory and brain power.
  • Perform physical exercises regularly. Doing this will help encourage healthy brain cell growth as well as improve certain parts of the brain that are responsible for remembering and learning.

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