Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A must-see video from Bob Proctor

Here I sent you some information on a great free video that taught some of the basics of using video online to market yourself or your product.

If you are in marketing and sales then this is a must-see video! There is no pitch...it is pure content and it teaches you how to make a video that SELLS.

Check it out here
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This video shows you a 5-Step Formula for quickly creating videos that engage the "Buying Brain" of a prospect.

You will learn:

* How to create video scripts on the fly
* The best way to find and use graphics and animation
* How to create visual energy and HOOK viewer attention
* How to make video without setting foot in front of a camera
* How to close the customer WITHOUT Pitching

All of this comes from arguably one of the best in the business. So please take a few minutes and watch this amazing tutorial by clicking here
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To your success,

Brian Proctor

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