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Bob Proctor Shares His Secrets: Part 3

Bob Proctor Shares His Secrets: Part 3

(Continued From Last Week)

On the 3rd of July 1986 I walked into our office and was met by a lady I
did not remember seeing before. She was sitting behind the reception desk. She said, "Hello Bob." I responded, "Hi there." As I walked to my office I wondered who she was and where she came from. That was Gina Robichaud. She had just been hired to work with our company, and I have to say hiring her was one of the best moves anyone in our company ever
made. That was 25 years ago this coming July, and Gina has proved to be one of the most valuable and certainly one of the most competent people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Gina has filled every position in our company at one time or another.
She has traveled all over the world with our company staying for extended periods of time in Malaysia and Australia. If I am ever looking for something I go to Gina and she always comes up with whatever I need.
Gina's dad passed away a number of years ago and when she was getting
married to Randy Hayden she asked me to give her away. I made it clear
to Randy, who has become a great friend, that I would only lend Gina to him; he definitely could not take her away from us. He agreed and all is well.

Last week I mentioned there were three women who have had a real impact
on our company. Gina was one of them. The next one, I would not meet for
a number of years. She is a woman who is an integral part of our coaching program. In fact, I think it's fair to say that she brought order to the coaching program. When I think of Carol Gates I think of
our coaching program, and I'm quite sure all around the world anyone who is familiar with our coaching program holds Carol Gates in high regard.

Back in 1986 we didn't have a coaching program. We were strictly a seminar company. We conducted seminars all over the world. The seminars were in different formats. Some we would run one day a week for four weeks, generally with corporations. Or in a city in which I was living we would do an evening seminar of three hours for eight weeks. I'd do
numerous one day seminars and weekend seminars.

Going back about 15 years, we continually had seminar participants asking me to mentor or coach them. A lot of thought went into the coaching program before we initiated it. And of course it has certainly evolved into something very powerful over the years. I knew that if we
were to get maximum results we would have to work with a person for a
year. In structuring the program, I was having difficulty in deciding on
how exactly it should be conducted. My mind was split between working
one-on-one with individuals or working in an organized group program. I decided to do both.

Approximately ten years ago, Carol Gates was working in our coaching program, and I asked her if she would take it over and be in charge of it. I personally rarely ever manage anything. I am extremely creative. I have very high energy and I'm very intuitive. I believe I am like a
thoroughbred racehorse. I go fast, and I'm very tuned in. I don't think
that's happened by accident, and I don't necessarily believe it's a genetic strain. I've just been a very serious student for 50 years. The studying has served me well. And it has helped me impact the lives of numerous people on every continent.

When Carol took over the coaching program I worked very closely with her
as I do today, and we merged the various formats into one well-structured format. I couldn't say enough about Carol's genius when it comes to organization and structure in coaching. We work every week with people in over 90 countries. And we could write books on the
success stories of the millionaires that credit Bob Proctor Coaching
with the success they enjoy. Single mothers, teenagers, entire families,
business men and women, executives from every profession that you can
think of, have endorsed the work of our coaching program. A lot of the
credit for the success of this program definitely belongs to Carol Gates. Carol has the program structured in various modules that run for 13 months and regardless of what a person does in life, this program helps them become more effective. It is designed to help a person change their subconscious conditioning and thereby change the results they're
getting in life.

The company that started out on a notepad in my den in Glenview,
Illinois has grown into a multi-million dollar company that operates all
over the world. Much of the work we do is as popular in India as it is in Indiana. I definitely owe the success that we enjoy to the people I work with. I have been extremely fortunate in my commercial career in attracting truly brilliant, dedicated individuals.

In 2006, I conducted a series of seminars in three different cities as a benefit for an organization that found itself in financial trouble. Oddly enough, it was a three-day program that I ran in each of the cities and it was based on The Science of Getting Rich. I did this to
help someone else. Little did I realize that that series of seminars would attract to the company the lady that today runs our entire organization, Sandra Gallagher.

Sandra Gallagher was quite a successful banking attorney in Seattle, Washington. She did bank mergers and acquisitions and public company securities work. She was highly respected all over the United States in her profession. She became fascinated with the material that I was
presenting in that seminar and realized that although she had just about
as good an education as a person could buy from the best universities in the world, she was hearing information about the human personality and
human behavior that was foreign to her. She recognized how valuable this
information would be in the board rooms and executive offices that she had worked in over the past 20 years. And although I did not know it at the time, she made up her mind that she was going to take every course that we offered. She wanted to be on the inner circle of the company and then made up her mind that she wanted to create a program that would be accepted and effective on an executive level, incorporating the powerful information she was learning.

Over the next two or three years, she produced and directed Thinking
Into Results, one of the most effective human resource programs you will
find anywhere in the world. She not only produced and directed the program, she designed the packaging and personally directed the editing of the 12 DVD's. I was so impressed with her talent and business acumen that I offered her the position of President & CEO of the LifeSuccess Group of Companies in January 2009. Today we train people all over the world in our virtual university to facilitate the Thinking Into Results

LifeSuccess Productions is a growing organization. My books have been
translated into numerous languages. And the company today under Sandra
Gallagher's direction is growing globally and becoming stronger every day.

The people that work in our organization, the consultants that we have trained that work around the world, are an extraordinary group of people. They, like me, spend their days doing what they truly love to do. That's what I suggest you do. Life is very short. You should spend
your days doing what you love, being fulfilled. If you feel our coaching
program would benefit you or that you would like to work in this field,
we most certainly want to talk with you.

As I bring this particular story to a close, my mind flashes back to that day in 1961 when I picked up Think and Grow Rich. I was unhappy, sick and broke, a very confused individual. When I take a look at how interesting my life is today, all I can think of is if I can change to that degree, with no formal education and no business experience to start out with, I know I can show you how to do anything you want to do. We all have the same potential. We owe it to ourselves to develop it. I once heard Steve Bow, who was the Vice President of a major insurance company, speak at a conference and he said, "God's gift to us is more talent and ability then we'll ever use in a lifetime. Our gift to God is to develop as much of that talent and ability as we can in this lifetime."

I want to thank all the people in our company and send a special thanks
to Gina, Carol and Sandy.

Bob Proctor

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