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Attract Riches Into Your Life with These Wealth Affirmatio​ns

Attract Riches Into Your Life with These Wealth Affirmatio​ns
There are several types of positive affirmations.

Among the most used of these are wealth affirmations.

Everybody wants to be wealthy. Who doesn't wish to be rich, right?

Affirmations are effective tools in attracting money into one's
life. They create attitudes in ourselves that are geared towards
the creation and accumulation of wealth. They make us focus our
attentions, thoughts and ideas.

Getting rid of barriers to effective wealth affirmations.

The more negative thoughts you have regarding money and wealth
matters, the less effective your wealth affirmations become. What
are these negative thoughts or barriers? The most common of these
is limiting the amount of wealth we can have.

The truth is there is no limit as to how much wealth you can
accumulate. A thousand dollars, a million dollars, a billion.
There's no cap to how rich you can get. So don't limit yourself.
Feel free to dream big. Bigger dreams will motivate you to work
harder and smarter than when you limit your dreams.

Choosing the right wealth affirmations for you.

You can make hundreds of wealth affirmations but at the end of the
day you will only be using one or two so decide on one that fits
your goals perfectly and stick with that single affirmation. One
key to success regarding affirmations is the absolute absence of
distractions. What happens if you simultaneously use several
affirmations is that you will be putting a lot more distractions on
yourself. You lose focus. You lose direction. When this happens,
you will only be doing yourself a disservice.

Are wealth affirmations effective?

The big answer to this question is "it depends". Do you want it to
be effective? Do you have what it takes to make it effective?
Wealth affirmations are effective only when the people using them
have focus, discipline, determination and the corresponding actions
that lead to the satisfactory accumulation and retention of wealth.

How long will the affirmations take effect?

It could be weeks. Months. Or even years. You have to understand
that the affirmations will not directly build the wealth for you.
They are simply the means towards that wealth. They merely instill
in you the right attitudes so that you will be able to focus on the
activities and tasks that really matter while eliminating the
negative thoughts that could become barriers on your quest towards
building wealth.

Great examples of positive wealth affirmations.

1. I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.

2. My income increases every single day.

3. I put 100% of my efforts into achieving my goals.

4. I accumulate wealth with utmost honesty and integrity.

5. I am having the life I've always wanted.

6. I am prosperous and wealthy.

7. There is abundance all around me.

8. Money flows freely into my life.

9. I am successful and wealthy.

10. I am getting wealthier every passing day.

If you have never tried affirmations before, it is normal to be a
bit skeptic about the whole procedure. But there are more success
stories here than there are failures.

The people who amassed great wealth with the help of affirmations
speak for their effectiveness. Success and wealth indeed awaits
those who can see the value of wealth affirmations.

Your friend,
Chris D'Cruz
Keeper of the Universal Secrets
Edited by: Lawyer Asad

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