Thursday, March 17, 2011

The 3 Steps To Getting Angelic Guidance

First off let me tell you why I'm SUPER excited.

In just 5 days, here's what's happened:

* 21,706 people have downloaded my "Truth About Angels" report...
* I've received 292 blog comments with stories and questions on angels...
* And orders have been rolling in for my Early Bird deal on my Quantum Angels program.

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That is the good news.

The not-as-good news is that based on the emails I've been receiving,
many people are experiencing some challenges in communicating with
their angels...

Which means that they are missing out on all the divine inspiration,
guidance and serendipity that their angel could be giving them every
single day.

Now I will be honest with you... if you don't know exactly how to go
about doing it, communicating with your angel can be tough.

In fact I spent years trying to connect with my Angel, Coraline.

But what I've learned through these years of practice is that all
(yes, ALL) problems people face in this area can be overcome in
3 simple steps:

STEP 1: Open yourself to your angel

Opening yourself to your angel means first, working on your belief
system and FULLY believing its there for you, and second, building
an unshakable desire to connect with it. All feelings of doubt and
disbelief should be eliminated.

STEP 2: Communicate with your angel

You must find your personal "calling card" that you'll use to call
on your angel whenever you need guidance. This is like a special
hand-shake that is unique to you and only you. It can be a tap on
your shoulder or a wink of your eye. You also must know what to
ask for, how to ask for it, and when. Asking for the wrong thing
in the wrong way at the wrong time could lead to you being ignored.

You'll find the third step (and many more fascinating insights on
angels) at the link below.

The Quantum Angels webpage.

Angelically Yours,


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