Saturday, October 30, 2010

Success formula: Simplified!

Success formula: Simplified!

By Lawyer Asad

I often say to my friends that had my 40% decisions been correct then by this date I'd be mentioned in the Forbes' list of billionaires, marry the most beautiful woman of the world, buy a Castle at Scottland, own a private island, etc. etc.
But the decisions we take turn out to favour everyone else but us.
This quest to know whats going wrong has set me to think about it at length. Which factors elude most of us from being successful or achieve the desired financial freedom?
In my search for the truth it has surfaced that most of us, yes most of us, don't know actually what we want. We're like those travellers, who had hit the road and loitering, but don't know where to go or where the path is leading.
Naturally, we end up in making vain rounds along the rut, created by our own aimless trotting.
How to Succeed & Get Whatever you want? Millions of pages has been written on this one matter alone. Flip through any of the self-development handbook and you'll find most of the chapters are devoted to the study of this one cause. Unfortunately, those books only make the authors and the publishers rich, leaving the reader to his couch as he was before reading it. These authors, seem, are all experts but what they write are simply impractical and hard to be implemented for the desired result.
We don't need such "Sky Blue" rules, secrets and formulas, which we just can't put into practice.
Now at this perspective a question can rise in your mind; why again then I've undertaken to discuss such a material?
Legitimate question.
Because I'm in the same boat with all of you. I've not come from the Planet Mars nor equipped with any extra-terristorial brilliance to flood your mind and senses with some non-comprehendable theories, formulas and jargons to leave you confused, disgusted with a feeling of being deceived.
As I feel the same for you and is at level with you so I think that the methods which I've applied to my own life can be effective for you too.
If it works for me then it'd work for you too. With that conviction this article is written.
Now straight to the business.
There're simply four factors which govern the law of materialization of our desires. Yes desire. Not wish. Because desire is an intense mental state where it seems that life had no meaning unless the thing one is covetting comes to him.
Desire should be iron hot.
Then at the very beginning we must know what we desire. Right?
So the first premise is:
1. Select it.
It means clearly knowing what we want or what we're desiring to have in our life.
I want a Car or a House, or huge money is not clear cut desire. Rather a vague state of mind.
When we select something then we must select it down to its every detail.
When we want a bride for us then we can't just go out, approach the first girl we see on the road and get married to her. Doesn't it sound ridiculous? Yes it does. Because it is vague and lacks our mental clarity.
Let me site an example from my own life. At that time I was serving as a retainer lawyer of "Siddharth Automobiles Pvt. Ltd" where were the only dealer of the area to deal with Bajaj Scooters and Motor Cycles. The Indian economy started growing and the WTO or the GAT treaty was signed by India. Foreign expertise, funds and technical know hows were available in India.
I wanted to have my first Scooter (it was in 1992) but found the Bajaj scooters as not so updated in features and fuel economy. So I had opted for an LML-Vespa Scooter.
So I had gathered all the materials available on both types of two-wheelers and made detailed studies about the features and other specifications. Finally decided that the best one would be an LML-Vespa T5 Special. Then came the colour of the vehicle. I've weakness for blue. So the glossy blue was selected.
On 29th September, 1992, I had been to the local LML-Vespa Show Room with my junior Abhijit and bought one. The surprising fact is that there was only one Scooter which I had decided to buy. Though several other models were at display and the salesman tried to persuade me to buy any of those. He had even hinted that there might be defect in this lone piece and in that case wouldn't be in a position to replace it. But I knew it was there for me only and its the perfect one. And yes it was the perfect in all aspects.
I've not told you that I didn't even know how to ride a scooter or maneouver it. But had purchased a scooter!
Thats another story and I'll tell you about it.
It has happened to me again and again. When I desire for something then I undergo the rigority of flooding my mind with an ideal picture of the object what I desire.
Being specific for the article (or anything including soulmate or companion) solves our time and also helps us get it without much trouble.

2. Project it.
See it as already happening.
Experts, psychologist and others are saying that time is of no relevancy either in the Universe or in the human mind. There's no past, no future but only present. An eternal NOW!
So after detailing what we're desiring for we've to see that the Object de Desire is in our possession. Easier said than done.
From my own trend I've realized that we can't just get rid of our past or can't stop thinking (rather worrying) about our future. "Being", "becoming", "happening", "would be", etc are always crowding our minds, which we can't just shake off!
Its going to be mine. The Car would come to me. These kinds of affirmations are damage the process of materialization than help us in any way.
Its not going to be to coming to me or happening to me. But its with me already. Its in my possession and I'm enjoying it.
You know by now that when I got my first Scooter I didn't know how to drive. Though I had access to a lot of two-wheelers belonging to my brothers, friends and others from who the driving could easily be learnt. But something in me, may be my non-existing ego, came forward and it decided that I'll learn driving when I get my own vehicle.
So, a fortnight before purchasing the Scooter, I ran a self-directed, produced and acted movie in the theatre of my mind. Before sleeping I would relax my body, ease my breath and start playing the movie. I had started it, settled myself on the seat, changed the gear and twisted the accelarator. Vividly seen it. Felt the air on the sides of my head. The people of the road, the land mark, the scent of the burnt gasoline. Everything was clear in my mind.
Next day, that is, on 30th September, 1992 after getting up in the morning. I some how managed to bring the Scooter on the road and mounted it on its stand. Kicked the pedal to start it. On two kicks it started. Dismounted it and rode. For the first time when I changed the gear the engine stopped. I got it started again and this time everything went smoothly as I viewed in my mind. After riding the village road I put it on the National Highway, then to the busy thorough far and travelled more than six kilometers without engine-stop or any mishap. Returned safely to home.
Some of us are not that efficient in seeing with their mind's eyes. But the feeling, the emotion, the sensation of actual action are very vital. Absence of which might end the entire efforts in a fiasco.
While I was playing the movie in my mind it never came to me that I'm still to get the vehicle. But it was like the Scooter is with me and I'm riding it.
Sometime ago I was reading an article of Steve Pavlina. He advised to see the end result and in the absence of seeing the end result the visualization is called "part visualization"!
An 84 years lady, Helene Sellers, the winner of most of the lotteries had also reiterated it. (You can find it in my article here, Winning Lotteries).
Seeing the stack of money, or smelling its mint fresh scent are not sufficient. We've to see the end result. For example, when one is asking for money then he's to plan what he's going to do with that money and see that use in mind.
Keep it in mind that emotions is very important. Import it to the fullest while visualizing something.

3. Expect it.
Believe it is already yours.
When we desire for something then its imperative that the object de desire is in very much essential in our life. Otherwise we won't has asked for it.
The Network market people at the beginning of their careers can't afford to buy big luxurious cars or Penthouses. So they hire those and pose that they won those items to impress their down lines.
They "fake it until they can make it"!
Eventually most of them own those things to add value to their lives.
In 1923, Wallace D' Wattle, had written a book. The Science of Getting Rich. In this book he has mentioned it as, "acting in a certain way"!
(You can download the free pdf copy of the ebook from the internet).
Suppose one is desiring to have a new furniture in his house, say an Almirah. He'd have to choose a place of keeping it. The furniture is going to take at least 4x3 feet of space. So whenever he goes to that side of his room he has to act that the furniture is there and he'd not collide with it.
Got it?
Just keep it in mind. Don't over do or over stress your mind. Our sub-conscious has its own style of working. It acts on its own pace. Don't confuse it with your ever pouring surge of emotions. Ok?
Now the last part of the formula.

4. Collect it.
Its the most easy part and we all know how to take the possession of our desired object.

My own experience with these rules has been successful almost all the time. If it is put in a percentage then it'd come near 85%. I'm developing it incessantly to make it fool-proof.
For the past two and a half decades people are asking me about this mental phenomenon of Ask, Believe & Receive. Many an amazing and seemingly miraculous experience has happened not only in my life but also in the life of all those who shared their experiences with me.

This formula does work.
It has worked for me. It has worked for my friends.
It will work for you!