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The Power of Mental Images.

The Power of Mental

Posted by Remez Sasson

What is a mental image? It is mental picture, scene or event that you see in your mind. You construct mental images in your mind all the time, albeit unconsciously. The mental images that you often visualize affect your life, whether you are aware of this or not. I am not
talking mental images that you visualize once or twice, but about the mental images that you often repeat in your mind.

Mental images have the power to change your life.
The subconscious mind accepts these images as reality, and gradually you start to believe what you imagine, act accordingly, and unconsciously work toward making them a reality in your life. This is the secret of the law of attraction creative visualization.

Mental images, if repeated often can make great changes in your life. If you visualize negative situations, difficulties and problem, and continue doing so, your moods will gradually become negative, you will alienate people, you will close your eyes to opportunities, and your self-esteem will go down.
How can you achieve success if you are so negative?

On the other hand, successful people attract success, because they
constantly imagine and expect success.

Mental images are like a movie or still pictures that you see in your
mind. If you watch them again and again your subconscious mind will
ultimately accept them as you reality. They will affect your thinking,
behavior and world.

Using The Power of Mental Images

The power of mental images can change your life if you use it consciously, and if learn to choose your mental images and reject those that are not good for you. You can decide what mental scenes you see in your mind. You can decide what to let seep into your subconscious mind.

Always be aware of your thoughts. When you catch yourself visualizing
negative events, problems or difficulties, or when you tell yourself that you are helpless and weak, stop that and change the mental movie and the words you repeat in your mind. It is like ejecting a DVD from your DVD player and inserting a better and more interesting one.

Visualize what you really and truly desire, and what will make you happy and satisfied. Your mind will probably interfere with fears, worries and disbelief. Your job is to educate your mind and change its habits, and you can do so if you realize the power of mental images and use it correctly.

Being aware of your thoughts, replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts, and visualizing positive mental images again and again, will eventually change the habits of your mind and your thinking. This will lead to understanding and realizing the power of mental images.

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Edited by: Lawyer Asad

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