Saturday, January 1, 2011

My One-Point Resolution For 2011!

It was first published on 12/31/2011 on my facebook page as a note and was also sent to my friends as email. Here it is reproduced for you all who're not on facebook or not in my personal mailing list. The original title of the article is "Few Words on the Eve of 2011".

Dear friend
Only few hours are remaining to welcome the brand new 2011! Before that like every year lets dive into the reminiscence of the year which is just passing to find its place in history.
In 2010 we've witnessed many a good things as well as quite a few unfavourable ones. Personally I think that everything which happens is good for us.
Unlike our teachers, life has a unique way of educating us with valuable lessons of life. Our teachers teach us before taking our test. On the other hand life takes our test first then teach us the lesson. And this lesson is such bone chilling which we remember through out our life.
The world economy is recovering from the worst recession after 1935 and it has left many of us in very miserable position both personally and socially. I'm very sorry for those who has suffered during these two years.
You can well remember that since the release of The Secret, the Law of Attraction, has been the buzz word of every discussion, social and personal. Many reams of papers has been used discussing it and millions of web sites have been dedicated it this Law of Attraction.
But how far it is feasable that what we've thought in 2010 has materialized in our life? To be honest only a very very miniscule few. The list of un-materialized desires have lengthened. Why? Because our perception of the principles governing the LoA was some how misconceived. At least I think so from my personal point of view.
We love to pose that we're thoughtful man and man with insight. Whereas the process of actual thinking is very tough and rigorous. In this context a quotation of Henry Ford would be timely to put here. He said, if we tell people to think then they'd love us but if we make them to think then they'd hate us. Because thinking is a hard task.
No. I'm not asking you to sit right now and start thinking. On the other hand I'd just remind you of the year which is just passing under the bridge. Possibly, you've observed that in 2010 many an unnecessary thoughts has crammed in your mind, which irrespective of your efforts you could not stop. Why? Because we were not conscious and sincere enough about what we'd let into our mind. We take protections against weather and dress accordingly. We take protections against our properties and make them burglery proof. We take protections against the safety of our kids.
But we don't take any precaution against the unwanted thoughts which creep into our minds and disturb the sanity. Only a little effort is required to check this process of thoughts. Nothing more.
In 2011 it'd be our conscious efforts to let in only those thoughts which would add value to our lives.
If we consider only one matter before indulging in any thought then we'd be able to wipe of more than three-fourth of unnecessary thoughts. What would be the result of the thought or the work we're engaging ourselves after five years? If the thought, we're thinking, would yield it fruit after five years then we'd let in set in and ponder over it. Otherwise, take the duster and clean the board in one sweep!
These thoughts might find other takers not us.
I know many of you would sit down and list a set of resolution to be accomplished in 2011. Unfortunately most of these resolutions find their places in the waste busket barely after one or two weeks from the making of those.
This should not be done.
If we resolute to do something then we must carry it out.
"Uttisthati jagrata prapto varano nibhodat"-- arise, awake, stop not till the goal is reached.
Make only one resolution and achieve it.
In 2011 my personal resolution is "promise only that what can be delivered"! No other resolution.
I'll do only those things in which I'll be able to give my full.
Dear friend, do only those things in this year in which you'll be able to give your best.
Its my appeal to you.
My New Year wish is for you is be happy, enjoy everything you do and give your best in what you do.
May the Universe conspire to bring all your wishes
come true in 2011.

My very good friend Pauline Maria has replied to this with very encouraging words.
"Dearest Asad, These past few years are a reminder of what our world needs and what we can give...the greatest gift being true friendship and unconditional love. The law of attraction got many people thinking about material gains but not what they had to give to gain automatically. As someone who is constantly inspired with concepts that could be materialised to bring in an income, I cannot imagine sitting and waiting for the big lottery win or demanding that someone will come and enrich my life with wealth because this is not enriching whatsoever. It is in the simple things every day that hold much meaning where we can not only show people we care but also give from sincere heart. I am truly blessed to have some extra special friends in real life who regard me like family and value my friendship so much as I do theirs. Online I have also a handful of people who have shown to be of likemind and we are very closely connected as you are one. There are many people who come into contact with us on a daily basis and not everyone is capable of giving from their heart - sometimes we need to let people go to make way for the people who value and appreciate giving from the heart. In life I learned if you have people who encourage you and want your happiness and success, they already have the seeds of happiness and success - and those who are unable to do this, are often emotionally impoverished. The wealth I wish everyone is true friendship and love because it is with these seeds and taking the steps our success is built on. May 2011 be an extra special year for you. Love and best wishes <3"

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