Sunday, December 12, 2010

15 Tips for Successful & Happy Life!

15 Tips for Successful & Happy Life!

By Lawyer Asad

Here are a set of 15 rules, if one follows, then he/she will lead a successful and happy life. These rules were originally posted as my status message in my facebook page. Those who're not familiar with my page can visit it at
for a first hand view.
Here're those tips:
15 Tips for a Sucessful Life.
1.Talk - Softly
2.Eat - Sensibly
3.Breath - Deeply
4.Exercise - Daily
5. Sleep -Sufficiently
9.Think- Positively
10.Trust- Cautiously
11.Learn- Practically
14.Save- Regurlaly
15.Spend- Intelligently

At the end of the tips I had asked my friends if they're ready for leading a successful life.

Within a minute there was a response from R.parthiban Ponnusamy, my Orkut and Facebook friend declaring that he's ready.
Rachel Pico, a very good friend of mine and a writer, responded to it. She suggested that she'd deviate from some of the rules and would make them fit for her cause.
"Mr. Asad I will, I will. I have to try to do #1, #2, #4 and #8 in opposite on what you said. I have to work not patiently on writing my book."
Rachel has written. She's a very talented and aggressive writer and doesn't want to wait in patience to finish her book.
My best wishes for Rachel.
The best comment, so far, was from Sue Flowers. She's an elegant, erudite and vastly travelled friend of mine. I've learnt a lot many matters of great knowledge about Greek mythology, art, literature and music from her. She loves to visit Museums, libraries, operas, concerts and exhibitions. Sue had first introduced to me the word "Black Swan"! I was a nerd when I had first heard it from her but later knew that its a great phenomenon of economy and there's a book on this name written by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.
I'm proud to confess that Sue has refined my knowledge of many a things of which I was ingnorant so far or knew a little.
Here is the comment Sue Flowers had made in response to my post.

"I would change several.... #1. Talk as little as possible:practice listening!
#2.Eat...whatever you desire in moderation-life is short!
#3. Breathe..every breath as thou it is your not take anything or anyone for granted!
#4. Exercise for fun!
#5. Sleep: Dream, dream, and dream some more....Let your mind soar!
#6.Dress: To suit yourself not others. #7.Act: Inaction leads to regrets.
#8.Work:Work for contentment.
#9.Think: With consideration for others...always!
#10:Trust: with all your heart!
#11: Learn: Learn with humility...realize that the learning process is never-ending.
#12:Plan: Always allow for deviations in the master plan...."The Black Swan" is ever present.
#13.Earn:To earn respect you must respect others!
#14.Save: Save your "time" for those you "love"!We all have a very limited amount of time- it is the most valuable possession we can give another person.
#15.Spend. Spend time with your "own" thoughts once in awhile...happiness lies within and can not be bought at the store."

In every word her great wisdom, insight and brilliance is reflected.
Its a matter of great luck to have such a friend who can change one's life by their sheer presence.
Sue is certainly a gem of a friend.