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Success Formula: Simplified! Part II

Success formula: Simplified! Part II
By Lawyer Asad

In the first part of the article four basic factors for materialization of our desires has been detailed.
Now in this part we'll deal with those very important factors which will enable anyone to get anything, yes you heard it right "anything", which he desires.
In the previous article it was explained to have your object de desire when you can afford it. Or simply when there're enough of green staffs in your coffer.
But what will happen if we desire a thing and lacking the resource to have it?
Does it then mean that we'll desire for our coveted things only when we can afford it?
We can ask for anything we desire and it'll be ours. Even if we've no money at that material point of time.
I'll explain here how to make it possible.
The first premise is to know what we ask for. Right?
As if one of my very close person told me that he sees a magnificent Jaguar whizzing past him every morning when he goes to office. So would it be for him that he'll only see it racing past him and not to have his hands on such a gorgeous machine some day?
I say its quite possible.
The basic rules are the same.
We've to be very detailed and specific about our desires. Down to the every details.
Now the most important factor comes into play.
It is emotion. Emotion is a very strong mental factor and it creates a wave in the Universe.
Bigger the emotion greater the wave and vibration. Smaller or lesser the emotion, insignificant and short-lived waves.
Suppose you're standing before a lake. You pick up a big chunk of stone and throw it in the water. It'll create a bigger wave and the wave might touch the banks even. Similarly when you throw a small pebble then only a ripple is caused in the water and it dies within seconds.
Emotion is feeling in the heart. The joy, the thrill and delight of possessing the object you desired.
Have ever seen a kid to jump up in joy when he's given his favourite Candy? Its the same. Only difference is that the kid jumps in ecastacy after reaching its Candy but you've to get into the same feeling "AS IF" you've got it.
Its very important to feel it as if its in your possession NOW!
We've read in the earlier article that in the realm of Universe it is eternal present tense of NOW, no past no future. So its already in your hand.
It doesn't matter you've money or not.
Steve Pavlina has written in his various articles that there's a great distinction between "partial" and "full" visualization. What is partial or part visualization.
Many an expert of mind matters has advised that when you ask for money then see the mint fresh bundle of money in your mind's eye. Feel it. Smell the fresh scent.
But is it all? No its not. Its partial. And if the money comes to you then it'd go away quickly without doing anything significant for you.
Then what should you see in your mind?
You know that when you asked for the desired amount of money then you had an intention of spending it for some purpose. It might be for buying a car, or a house or anything.
So instead of seeing the piles of money of sniffing its smell you've see the end use of it.
If you intended to buy a car then see that on the first drive from the Show Room to home who're there with you. Your Mom? Dad? Siblings? Girl friend? Or just a close friend who's as delighted as you.
See where you stopped for filling the Car's tank with fuel. See it vividly.

"If we desire for something and feel an intense emotion as if it is already in our possession and feel the joy in our heart then it'll create a vibration in the Universe and the Universe will bring the thing to you."

It is a very important statement and keep it in mind.
It doesn't postulate that you've the means to afford it.
Whoever had read Joseph Murphy's The Power of the Sub-conscious Mind knows the story of the girl who wanted to have a bag which she had seen in a shop window. And in a very short time her boy friend has gifted her the same bag.
Its a fact and can happen to everyone.
Let me share you such an incident with you.
My hobby is photography and I think I'm quite serious at it. In 1988 I was a Junior Lawyer and had moderate income. But I wanted to have an SLR, complete with various lenses and accessories.
After taking into all details I decided to have a Practika MTL50 SLR Camera. Its an earstwhile East German Company (Pentacon) which manufactured it. Its the first Camera manufacturer who introduced the Single Lense Reflex (SLR) Camera to the world. I didn't opt for the market leader brands like Nikon, Cannon or others as I believed that the "instruement" is not the factor but the person is, who is using it.
Previous to that I had written letters (yes hand written letters on Air Mails because emails were not known at that time) to Yashica, Nikon and other companies asking for their Brochurs. They was very kind to send it to me.
To be honest I couldn't even afford to pay a sum of Rs. 3500/- for my coveted Camera at that moment. But I was living in a virtual world of my own where I was shooting various photographies with my Camera. I had the faith that the money would come to me within a month but I don't know from what source. But it'd come to me for sure.
I didn't want to limit the chances of getting the money by thinking about possible sources.
Its very vital that you don't limit the possibilities of the source of supply by thinking of the avenues yourself. Universe is more wise than you and it can find such a source about which you couldn't have even dreamt of.
Within 15 days some of my clients turned up and asked me to find a property for him. In a week the property was identified and he liked it. Within a fortnight my client got his plot of land and I got my Practika MTL50 SLR Camera!
In a similar fashion I acquired Pentax Takumar 200 mm tele lense, 35 mm Cark Zeiss Zena Wise Angle Lens, a good Flash Gun, a robust Camera Bag and numerous filters and other accessories.
The Camera is still with me and photographs taken by this Camera has been displayed in exhibitions and even won commendation from the Government of India in a contest "Literacy for All"!
There're so many such incidents which has happened to me.
I'd just tell about a fresh one.
As the Films are being obsolete and so are the film cameras and digital imaging is in its full run so I wanted to have a good prosumer digital camera for me.
Again it got me down to search for the details and the specifications which picked up only one Camera. The Panasonic Lumix DSC FZ-28. It has more features than any market leader. With the help of internet my task became easy.
Again this time I was short in cash.
Still persued with my mental exercises and pervaded my being with the possession of the Camera of my desire.
Though there're some good Camera Stores in my town none had stored it. Visited stores at Kolkata. Capital Electronics and Khosla Electronics are two biggest stores for electronic product. But they also disappointed me and couldn't even assure when they can get it for me.
May be it was good for me because had than been readily available then it'd not be possible for me to buy for lack of funds.
In the last week of July a client had paid a lump sum of money to me.
Instantly I decided that I'd go to Delhi to purchase the Camera.
Booked ticket for 12th August, 2009 and reached New Delhi on the morning of 13th August.
On the afternoon of 14th I had visited Palika Bazar. All other shops were mostly closed for the forthcoming Independence Day and for security reasons.
I don't which floor of the Palika Market it was and don't bother to remember even but I had approached only one shop and asked the own if he has a Panasonic Lumix FZ-28? He nodded and asked me to come in. He had just only one Camera. Within five minutes the Camera changed hands and I was on the top of the world.
Just apply the principles and you can also have the same result.
To sum up again what we've read so far:
1. Ask what your desire. Be very specific about your desire. Be crystal clear about what you want.
It doesn't matter if you had the money or not.
2. See the end use of your desired object. When I advice girls, who're eager to marry but finding no suitable match, to get into the feelings of going into the Honey Moon with her husband. Not just visualizing of wedding ceremony, seeing happy faces of parents and friends would do. And they get results.
3. Feel it. Because feeling counts. Much you covet for your desired object in your heart greater the chance is that you'd get it earlier.
4. Don't limit your supply chain of resources by thinking about the possible avenues. Just have an abiding and unwavering faith in the better judgment of the Universe. It'd take care of your supply because Universe is more wiser than you.
I was lacking in this particular area until my very close friend Bhaskar Paul of Delhi cleared it to me. He narrated incidents of the life of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. And Bhaskar's words were deeply etched in my heart. Bhaskar is a very talented young man and well versed in the Law of Attraction and Visualization.
I've learned a lot many matters from him and I'm grateful to him for being in my life.
5. Be grateful to God or to Universe for what you have.
Gratitude is a unique virtue and it create the difference between success and failure. Be thankful for everything and in every moment of your life.
Thank God after getting up from sleep because God has given you a new day to live and count your blessings.
Swami Vivekananda has stated in one of his writings about this attitude of gratitude in a very wonderful way.
He has written that if you want to show your gratitude then put off your shoes because you're standing on your Mother (the Earth) with your shoes on.
There'd be an unwavering faith that it'll be as you're desiring. The faith should be child like. Ask once and do it fervently. No need to do nagging or whinning. Universe has heard you the first time and no need to repeat it. Perform your part and Universe will perform its part for materialization of your desire.

These principles can be applied to any field of life. Its upto your asking.
We encore and clap when we hear the hero in the movie is throwing the dialogue, if you want something from the core of your heart then even the Universe will conspire to give it to you.
Be that hero yourself and make the Universe conspire for you to give you your desired object.
Success be yours!

I sincerely appreciate Bhaskar's suggestions for writing this Part II. He has always been my source of inspiration and a great well wisher.
God bless you Bhaskar with all the great things of life.

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