Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The million-dollar plan for experts

Do you know Brendon Burchard? The Experts Academy guy?

If not, I have a wonderful, content-filled video from him that you
should watch.

It shows a million-dollar plan on how you can start from scratch and
become a highly-paid expert through books, speeches, coaching, and online marketing. He breaks it down into "Four Ps":

Brendon made $4.6 million in his first 18 months in this industry, and
this video shows exactly how and why.

(At the end of the video, Brendon gives the plan for how to make a
million dollars as an expert. Watch the numbers, they add up. Wish I
knew this when I started)

I just heard about Brendon last year when he was taking the world by
storm. Out of nowhere he was onstage with Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, the Dalia Lama, Stephen Covey, Paula Abdul, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Mike Koenigs... everybody!

All the while he's doing it by sharing his life's story, inspiring others, giving highly-valued information, and building an empire as an
author, speaker, coach, seminar leader, and online marketer.

The incredible thing is that he's done this all by focusing on just four
things: Positioning, Packaging, Promoting, and Partnering.

See what I mean in his complimentary video-it's really well done:

Watch the video here.

Enjoy the video. And take notes. Trust me, it's worth the opt in.

Brian Tracy

P.S. Brendon's video-especially the expert positioning model and the
million-dollar plan-are amazing. He says he's taking questions on the
blog, so watch and comment. I think Brendon is one of the smartest,
nicest, and most creative marketers I've ever met. And I'm not the only
one who thinks highly of Brendon:

-Tony Robbins thinks Brendon is "smarter than hell."

-Paula Abdul says he's "captivating, present, magnetic and awesome."

-NY-Times best-seller Dr. Daniel Amen "wishes I would have met him 20 years ago...it would have put my business and myself as an expert in

Go ahead and watch this complimentary video here.

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