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Darkest "Secrets" of women!

Three darkest secret of women.
Adopted from the article by Simon H
Edited by: Lawyer Asad

Secrets come in all shapes and sizes.

Some secrets are things you've done that you want to keep

Some secrets are things other people asked you to hide...

BUT THE BEST SECRETS are the desires you have, that you don't
want to share with anyone else, because you don't want them
to "judge" you.

I say these are the best because they are the most POWERFUL
secrets. They are IMPORTANT to you.

And guess what - women have these secrets, as well.

Of course, a woman has secret desires that line up with yours:

Desires like being an actress, rockstar, or getting her first
novel published...


... She ALSO has a whole set of secret desires related to men and
dating, just like you have a whole set of secret desires related
to women and sex.

And she keeps this set of desires hidden. Under wraps. Even from
her own friends and family.


What if YOU could find out these secret desires? Do you think
this would give you an "advantage" with the women you want to
date or sleep with?

Of course it would!

Imagine a complete stranger walking up to you and saying, "I know you don't know me - so what I'm about to tell you may sound crazy - but I've been watching you for a few minutes, and I can tell
you want to write a novel. I think that's an incredible goal, and
I really respect it. As it turns out, I know a few people in the
business who would love to take a look at your book."

... Would you be interested?

You would be crazy not to!

Because this "stranger" is giving you a chance to fulfill your
deepest desire. Now, you may feel resistance to him, at first...
but... It won't take long for him to break down your walls.

In fact, I imagine that if a stranger walked up to you and offered you a million dollars, one flash of the cash would be all it takes to believe him!

This is the same power we're going to use with women - The power
to see her deepest desires, and then talk to her in the "language"
of those desires.



You're going to be amazed by how simple these desires are... and
that's the point.

Nothing in life is ever complicated, if it is the truth. Lies need to be complex, in order to fool the listener, while the truth can be strikingly simple - because it doesn't have to hide.

So, here are a woman's 3 secret desires, when she's thinking
about men, sex and dating:


She desperately wants to find a man who knows her "dating style."
She's either going to date around... or... Find one guy and "lock
down" on him, to change him into the perfect guy.

Whichever one she likes - When YOU match it, she will feel a strong surge of attraction for you, the second you meet her.


She either feels comfortable with her sexuality... or... She's saving it for "the right man".

When you match her preference, she will feel EXTREMELY sexually
attracted to you, because she will feel like you two are compatible.


She either wants the classic 2 kids, dog and white picket fence
fantasy... or... She wants to be her own, self-reliant woman.

When you match her choice, she will be LOYAL and attracted to
you for the long run - The full length of your relationship.

So HOW do you figure out her choices for each topic?

It's really quite easy:

You're going to look at something she can't hide.

Because she's not going to flat out tell you, if you ask her.
She may not even know herself!

(Remember - these are deep, psychological desires. Subconscious.

You're going to look at the way she dresses...

You're going to look at whether or not she has tattoos...

You're going to look at her family and home life...

You're going to look at her friends...

You're going to look at how she acts around men...

You're going to look at how she carries herself...

... In essence: You're going to be a detective with every woman
you meet, and look for "signals" that tell you the answer to all three of her deepest, secret desires:

Here's another question for you...

What would you learn, if you read a woman's diary?

Well... In addition to all the dirty secrets about her sex life,
her crushes and even some mundane details about her life in

... You would discover her deepest, darkest desires from men,
from sex and from a relationship.

The desires she doesn't share with anyone but her diary... because... She doesn't want anyone to have that "power" over her.

Here's what I mean:

What would happen if you told a woman you like that you would
love to have sex with her?

You'd get shot down - right away. And it's all because you
"came clean" - said your deepest desire out loud.

For some reason (I blame religious programming and modern media)
being honest about your desires FORCES people to reject you.

That's why you can't tell people about your desire to get better with women, without them laughing at you...

... Even though they want the same thing you do.

That's why you can't tell people about some hobbies you have,
without being labeled "a loner"...

... Even though these hobbies may be intellectually stimulating,
fun and interesting.

And that's why women can't tell you their deepest desires from
men, from sex and from relationships without feeling too

... Even though knowing this information would make you a better boyfriend, a better lover and a better guy for her in general.

So, I'm going to do both you and the women in your life a HUGE favor: I'm going to SHOW you exactly what a woman's three main desires are - from men, from sex and from

Then, I'm going to tell you how you can use this information
to meet, date and/or sleep with any woman you set your eye on.

(Maybe even a woman you know, right now...)

Let's get started, with the easy one of those two promises...


Women are simple creatures, in the same way men are simple creatures.

YES - We are all unique... but... Doesn't it stand to reason
we're also very similar?

Millions of men watch football every Sunday (even if you're not one of them)...

Millions of men hit the gym every day, to be more attractive to women...

Millions of men like "cooking, drinking & women" enough for
Budweiser to pay TENS of millions of dollars to run ads based on "cooking, drinking & women"...

... And BILLIONS of men around the world are looking for the
exact same thing you are from a woman:

Passionate, exciting sex that may or may not turn into a relationship - if you two "click" on a deeper level.

Women are the same way.

Companies like Estee Lauder and Covergirl spend untold sums of money telling women they will be more beautiful to men.

And they can do it profitably because TENS of MILLIONS of
women all want to be more beautiful - to men.

What's more: These women also want the EXACT SAME THING
from a man that you do from a woman:

Passionate, exciting sex that may or may not turn into a
relationship - if you two "click" on a deeper level.

This means that every man and every woman alive wants the
same thing from a partner... but...


Some men go out to bars every night, to try to get laid...

Some men join clubs or groups where intelligent women will
meet up, looking for a friendship - maybe more...

Some men try dating websites, where they look to bond
with a girlfriend...

... Women have similar "differences" in technique. Here's exactly what I mean:


1) IN DATING - Every woman wants to find "the right guy" for her.

And women go about looking for "Mr. Right" in two ways:

One group dates a bunch of guys, ditching the ones who don't fit her mold...

The other group finds a guy who's NEARLY perfect - and tries to "mold" him into the perfect guy, for her.

2) IN SEX - Every woman wants sexual pleasure and "release."

And women handle the "guilt" that comes from wanting sex, in two different ways.

One group sleeps with a few different men and "justifies"
it to herself as, "trying different things to find out what I like"...

The other group refuses to sleep with any men, until she meets the PERFECT guy for her - then she let's her sexual side shine.

3) IN RELATIONSHIPS - Every woman wants a bond with a partner
who will be with her, support her and care for her.

And women balance their careers and home lives in two different ways.

One group looks for a man she can support, who will "save" her from her job and give her a white picket fence fantasy...

The other group wants to be independently strong, and is
looking for a partner who will encourage her to be successful
at her job or passion.

... So... When you combine the two different choices you get for
each of her three deepest desires, you get 8 different types of women.

I imagine that if you read a woman's diary, figuring out which of the 8 types of woman she is would be child's play.

Then, you would simply bring out the side of yourself that matches her desires, and she would be yours.

(OR - You could decide whether or not she was a "fit" for you, based on her personality... not just her beauty!)

The truth is: These 8 Types of Woman are a reality. A reality
kept closely guarded and hidden from all but the most successful men with women in all of history.

Even then - it's only been a hunch or a theory.

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