Sunday, November 7, 2010

Belief: have you enough of it?

The Power of Belief: It takes you where you want to go.
By Lawyer Asad

Have you ever wondered why some people climb straight to the top of life's ladder while others flounder helplessly at its bottom? Well, here, I'm going to tell you right away.
In order to understand thought and how to use the power of the mind, you must first have a comprehension of belief. Within every successful person engaged in almost every sphere of human endeavour, there is "something" that makes for success and that "something" is belief or faith. The power of positive belief grants phenomenal success on all who choose to practise it.
The power of belief can take you where you want to go. Faster than fast.

The first step towards harnessing the forces of your mind and controlling your destiny is through the practice of belief. Belief is that magical "something" which imbubes your thoughts with vitality and energy. It is belief that manifests your thought forms into material results. Let us make it quite clear, at the outset, that without first having belief you cannot accomplish worthwhile.

There're two types of belief. One is belief in yourself. The other is belief in Infinite Intelligence.
Let us take the first of these two types of belief first.
You have got to believe in yourself. You have got to believe that you can do and achieve the things you want to do and achieve.
It is all very well asking you to develop your self-confidence. All other will say you the same. But what happens if you fail to develop self-confidence in yourself? Then what do you do? Here every other experts and Gurus will not tell you.
Here is given a fool proof method to develop and at the same time increase your self-confidence. This is accomplished through the auto-hypnotic suggestions.

Go into your bedroom and make it dark so that no external source of light can distract you. Before lying down on your bed fix a tiny purple night light. Switch off all other lights except the tiny night lamp.
The tiny bulb should be arranged in such a way so that when you look at it from your lying position you've to look slightly upward....slightly higher than the a straight ahead look. Do you understand it?
Stretch out as formfortably as possible upon your bed. For a few moments do nothing except breathe as evenly as you can. Then pull yourself together and decide quite firmly that you're going to relax. Tell yourself that you're going to relax every muscle of your body. Work up from your toes towards your head, making sure that you pass over each area of your body, leaving it completely relaxed and totally lifeless.
Having got your entire body completely and utterly relaxed, take a deep breathe, hold it for a few seconfs and then release it slowly, taking a few more seconds about it. Your head is becoming heavy. The muscles in your face and body trouble you no longer.
There is no tension and you're relaxed and comfortable.
Now, if you're quite sure that you're relaxed all over, raise your eyes so that you can see that little purple light flickering away somewhere just above your head. Raise your eyes so that there's a slight strain on the eyes and on the eyelids as you gaze at the light.
Keep looking at the night light. Its purplish glow should make you feel quite drowsy. Tell yourself that you want your eyelids to close when you've counted ten.
Start counting ---One---Two---Three---my eyes are becoming tired---four---five---six---I can hardly keep my eyes open---seven---eight---nine---my eyes are closing tightly---ten---my eyes are close and shut.

The point of all this is that you want to set up a definite conditioned reflex so that in future auto-hypnotic sessions you'll have no difficulty at all, you'll not have to waste time with all these relaxation exercises. All you will have to do is count and then you will go off into a deep hypnotic trance.

After you've counted to ten you'll feel a wonderful sensation stealing over you as if all the weight of the body, all the cares of the world are dropping off. Now picture yourself exactly as you want yourself to be. A person with a strong desire and a dominant personality, able to get over all your weak points, able to sway men and women in the way that you want to sway them. Keep on thinking of this "new you".
Keep the picture of this new "you" steadily before you in much the same way as an actor actually lives the part which he is going to play. You must use your full powers of visualization. The more firmly you can visualize yourself as you want to be, then more quickly you can attain your objectives.
Keep on practising, putting yourself in a trance, but always make sure that you're practising in a quiet, darkened room. Its totally safe.
At all times you will have to stress that you're getting rid of all those things which you do not admire, and for some days, as you walk about, you'll have to actively visualize the abilities you want to acquire.
You'll tell yourself through out the day that each time you go into a self-induced trance the desired virtues will appear more strongly in you. As you go into the trance, repeat within your mind that which you desire.
At the time of returning from the trance reverse the process and count backward from ten to one. Tell yourself that while you will be conting from ten to one the your senses will come back to normalcy and on the count on one your eyes will be wide open. Start counting backward fron ten. When you will reach ten you'll be wide awake. Feeling fresh and energetic.

You can make your thoughts work for you by a strong positive belief. The power is within you to change your world, to make your environment just what you want it to be.
Have faith in yourself and go forth with a strong belief in God's Omnipotence. Keep it in mine; your belief is your strongest ally in the times of unmitigated darkness.

You can accomplish miracles through the power of belief.
Be positive. Think big and believe.

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