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The 4 Keys Of Turning Your Thoughts Into Your Desired Reality

The 4 Keys Of Turning Your Thoughts Into Your Desired Reality
by Michael Jura

Thought I'd follow up my last post on manifesting with these 4 fundamental keys. I had been doing some research for the past little while and it seems that no matter what site you're on or what book you're reading, it all comes down to these 4 things.

So let's get started. Shall we?

1. Ask, Believe, Expect, & Receive
Pretty basic. Sums up the whole theory of the Law of Attraction, manifesting, and reality creation in 5 little words. Ask what you want, believe you're going to get it, expect to receive it, and receive! This first step is pretty big though. In order for you to believe, expect, and receive, you've got to break down your negative limiting beliefs, get in touch with who you are, and become more self-aware. Some awesome techniques to get you there are meditations, visualization exercises, journaling, and gratitude.

2. Let It Go & Relax
This kinda comes down to my last post about letting go of attachment. You've already done what is required of you so just relax. Feel good, be happy, and know that what you want is coming to you. When you think about your desire, fantasize about it, or dream about it focus on what makes you feel good and how good you'll feel when you get it. This way, the Universe will pick up on these vibrations because they're aligned with what you want.

3. Focus On What You Want
Really focus on what you desire by letting the outcome play out in your thoughts. Write about it, fantasize about it, even meditate on it. The more you do this the faster your desire will materialize. And of course, be crystal clear on what your desires are.

4. Don't Be Overly Concerned With How It's Going To Work
Again. Don't overly obsess. Follow your intuition and your inner guidance. They will let you know what to do and what action steps you need to take in order to manifest your desires. So don't worry so much about the HOW and know that everything will come in due time.

If you've got a story of how you shaped your reality into a desired outcome, drop a comment. I'd love to read your experiences.

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It is a small thing but it is a start.
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I posted some of my fabric- art- quilts and my life size doll , and my t- shirts designs some of which are zooms of the favorite parts of my fabric art quilts.
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I had been having trouble finishing things and this person gently helped me through this block. My sister came up with the second half of my design idea ,and drew /painted a picture which we heat transferred, and put in the pictorial quilt/cape , one person gave me Reiki from a distance, which I could feel and which may have reminded the woman, my cousin .to actually pay me !!!!! I told her that anything over 345 would be somewhat of a profit ,but I forgot to add my many many hours of designing cutting pinning sewing, taking those hours into real consideration would have made this cape cost thousands, but I didn't feel comfortable asking for that from a relative. She said she wished she could pay me more ... "Was 500 hundred enough? "she asked . I really enjoyed being able to surprise people by paying them a chunk of what I received .
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