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Sound of Raindrops on the roof! (Short Story)

Sound of Raindrops on the roof!

Suzan gets lost in her past memoires when she hears the blowing of Train whistle and sounds of rain on her roof top. She goes back to the period of her memory lane when she was young and out in the open with her boy friend in in the vast prairies of California. The became nostalgic and nurtured this afternoon in her memory long before it had taken place. She travels the time machine and sets the clock back to 30 years. The entire scene gets played in the movie of her mind with action, sounds, vividness and emotion. On that afternoon, it was end of September and Fall had started. Fall or Autumn is her most favourite season among the fours. She likes the change of colours in leaves, green, pale green, yellow then red and finally drop on the ground as dry leaves. She often would go for a long walk amidst Parks surrounded by tall Maple, Ceder, Deodar trees. The trees bared of their leaves looked lean and morose. As if they're there to welcome the Winter by raising their branches skyward, much like human beings when they pray something from God.
At the ground below scattered every where are leaves, leaves and tons of leaves. Leaves on the passage, leaves on the grasses around, leaves on hanging in limbo from small shrubs. Various sizes and colours of it. Suzan often took off her shoes and walked bare footed on those leaves. A strange kind of sensation she felt when those dry leaves got crushed under her feet. She'd walk a little and sit on the stump of a tree, which has been cut by some human beings. Forests, world over, are vanishing fast from the face of the Earth. And if the deforestation continues in this rate, which is very alarming then someday all the trees and greenery would extinct from the face of the Earth, like the Dinosaures! She felt concerned.
While sitting on an old stumps she looked around at her surrounding. What a tremendous activities are going around in the Nature and in the world of the inhabitants who have made this forest their habitat.
Squirrels, plenty of it, are running around from tree to tree with some kinds of nuts held in their front paws, exchanging communication with meeting one en route to the hole in the tree. Nudging nose with the other and running away. These squirrels make strange kind of sound as it someone is playing a rattle music. Suzan likes squirrel and they also not feel their existence endangered when she's around. Sometime they'd approach to her and raise their tiny heads with two glittering eyes with a question mark like raising of their puffy tails.
Suzan takes along nuts, biscuits and cookies to feed the squirrels.
She throws it in front of those creatures and they prowl on it; grab it and run away. Again to return in a minute after depositing the same in the safety of their nest.
Little birds also gather their with the hope of getting their share from her. It looks so funny when they pick up a piece of a cookie by their tiny beaks but unable to swallow those. So they put it again on the ground, hold it by their leg and nibble it to tiny palatable pieces.
Suzan laughs out; creating a frenzy of activities among those tiny creatures, who run for their lives!
Quite unsurreptiouly an army of ants approach the scene, pick up the left over nuts, biscuits and cookies and march away to their dens. They're the most disciplined creatures of this World. She has read that an ant can carry weight much heavier than its own weight. They also divide the load among themselves. Unlike birds they don't make small pieces of the food available. In stead four, five, six or ten of those octavian creatures lift the load of the prey on their shoulders and march in unison.
She had forgotten the time. The afternoon has slowly crept into the dusk making long shadows around. The nesting birds returned to their nests. They're creating a cacophony of sound and shaking their wings vigorously.
All on a sudden a cold gush of air had blown her lock and she shivered.
When looked up at the sky and what could be seen through the dense branches of the trees she could see the haphazard movement of clouds, dark and rich with water contents. Rain was imminent.
She had arisen from her seat and started walking briskly towards home. When she had reached the outskirt of the forest it started falling big drops of rain from the above. Luckily, it was not that far from her home.
She almost ran the rest of the 500 yards of so of the remaining path to reach her home.
She felt secure at the safety of her home and for the reason that she was not drenched by this non-seasonal rain.
She had settled on her favourite Lawn chair at the porch and stared towards the horizon.
The sound of rain drops on the roof had again pushed the switch of the time machine back to the age when she was just 21. Young, fair, pretty looking with auburn hair to make her look more charming and not to mention of creating heart-throb of the youngmen around the locality.
She reclined on her chair and closed her eyes to enjoy her ride back in the time machine.
She was dating a boy, two years older to her. He was strong, intelligent, well read and perhaps had the best sense of humour. She started liking him and wanted to be steady with him.
In one Autumn afternoon he visited their home and offered to take her for long ride around the vastness of the prairy or the tundra, where the sky and the horizon embraced each other. Not a soul to be found even at a great distance.
Suzan liked the idea and she actually loved to get lost in the wild of the vastness of Nature.
They had driven for sometime to reach the place. It was "far from the madding crowd" in its actual sense.
Mud roads marked by the rut of moving vehicles created a cloud of dust when their car cruised past the road. On both sides their were long grasses, ideal hiding place for nocturnal animals like fox and other creatures.
Broken fence and disshelved wooden cabins are seen at the far. Signs of inhabitation, long long ago. People tried to settle here but only thorns and shrubs could be produced here. Being tired after trying their luck they had abandoned the place and had gone for seaching for some favourable spots.
The barren land looked much like the rough land of Texus. There was a canyon at one end. Deep and stiff cliffs reached the river bed at the bottom. People visit Grand Canyon to see the Nature's sculptures, created by million of years of persistent efforts by flowing waters through the hard bed of sand stones and granites. This place was nothing less than the Grand Canyons. Rather more beautiful due to the absence of crowd and aftermath of civilization. Its a virgin place, like her. Much are left for exploration!
At the far South there was a raised land. Looked like a long and wide boundary. It was the rail track. The important vein to commute with the main land by the locals. The steel rail track shined at a side and gravels and granite chips were heaped around. Around the rail track were telegraph poles standing at regular intervals from each other carrying wires above it on the porcelene holders.
Suzan had heard that messages are transmitted through those wires by a coded language which is called Morse Code. Some call it telegraph and some call it "wire"! One dot "A", dot-dash "B"! It was a code for sending civilian messages as well as messages to the Head Quarters from the Battle field by the Army.
Whenever Suzan saw such a telegraph pole she'd run to it and stick her ear to listen to the messages its transmitting. But all she could hear is a sound like approaching storm. Nothing else could be heard.
Both of them roaming around the place aimlessly, holding hand in hand. Talking to each other.
The touch of the young man was thrilling for Suzan. She had never before felt such sensation. A kind of heat was boiling inside her.
They sat down on a clear spot touching each other's flank. He was seated at Suzan's left and his strong and muscular upper hand was touching Suzan's left upper hand, bare, as she was wearing a fine Red gorgette off the shoulder dress.
They were emersed in their conversation and oblivous of the surroundings or the ambience. It was not in their notice that the sky has darkened with clouds and there were much commotion in the sky.
Suddenly it started raining. Big drops were falling scatteredly on her bare shoulder making her tremble at the impact. It was a warning for the heavy down pour. Instantly both were on their feet and ran for shelter. She was worried about her new dress. It was her favourite. Nicely tailored dress and fitted her perfectly. An ideal dress for her date. But now she was concerned so that it doesn't get wet or soiled by the rain. But where to find a shelter in the middle of a vast medow?
Not so near and not so far a shed was visible. Both started running towards that direction and reach under the shade. Once it was used for inhhabition or may be as a Cow shed but its abandoned now. Not a soul to be seen nearby. The earthen road is nearby but it seems that none has paved the road for a long. Shrubs, weeds, wild willows and elephant grass reigned the area.
Once under the tin shade and settled both looked at each other. The
inner fire was so long burning like a cinder but it was getting spurred and augmented by the lovely sound of rain on the roof of the shade above. Rainfalling has a pattern and it creates a very endearing music to the ear when it drops on a tin shade. Sometime like the fast beating drum in a Jazz and sometime like the receding Bongo in a Symphony, again sometime continuing a steady pace like the marching of thousand soulders.
She standing at the door way to watch dancing of the rain on the grass and ground below. A small stream was created and the deposit created a pool. Had she been in home then she'd make paper boats and sailed in that pool of water. Even tiny whirlwind was also visible. How beautiful! The wind was blowing hard to create a wave on
elephant grass much like sea waves. One moment they touch the ground
and next moment they swinged in the air. Her vision was blurred by
the thick curtain of rain.
She was lost in herself. Suddenly she was startled and came back to her
senses by the warm touch of male hands on her bare shoulders!
Oh! He was with me and I forgot him totally to be lost in my own mind!!! She told to yourself.
She could feel his wet lips replacing his hands and creeping upwards
at the back of her ears. Your body shivered and goose bumps appeared
on every pore of hair all over!
She reclined to support her head on the side of his face and enjoyed
his nibble on her right earlobe! Loose strands of hair were flying
and covering part of his face. His cirled you with hands and caress
her midrift! The passion, the desire, the adventure for a tour to the
world of extreme pleasure was now burning inside her. She leaned back
on his chest in total surrender.
He turned her towards him and soon both were in deep lip lock!
The place was secluded and seemed that the inhabitants have moved not
so long ago from the place. Straws were stacked in bails once use as
fodder. Sacks were heaped at a corner. Lamps with sooted glass were hanging from a nail in the wooden wall. Horse saddles, forks and other equipments were still there. The rain, the loniness, the abandonness of the place, the seclusion with passionate foreplay made both of them to long for each other. Her care for the world had gone.
He made her lie gradually over a hay stack. It was comfortable and
served as a coushion. In no time both of then were in their birthday
suits, the Adam and Eve, in their rendezvous! The rain was watching
them and it seemed that it also became passionate and started raining with a great vigour making wild sounds on the Corrougated roof
top. In some places the water was leaking from the roofs but it
couldn't deter them from loving each other.
She could see a strange kind of light in his eyes; he was on fire. She
could feel the burn from his inner fire. Drops of sweats were
appearing on his forehead and matted his hairs.
His muscular body was shinning from the heat that had built in him.
His chest was pulsating with his breath. He's a strong and handsome
man. A faint smile appeared at the corners of her lips while adoring
his physique!
Both of you were at the top of their excitement and couldn't bear it
any longer. Her physical pleasure was escalating by his acts and she
was in no mood to spoil it.
All on a sudden a whistle had blown from a far distance. Oh the Train! A locomotive was on its run. She didn't know where from it was coming or where it is destined to reach. The shrill sound of the metalic whistle made her see the engine of the
locomotive in her mind's eyes.
The driver, cladded in deep navy blue overall with a piece of leather
apron covering his front by a leather belt put around his neck, had
done a cap on his head. His unshaven and creasy face, eyes were big and blood veins cob webbed the white of his eyes making those look like two yellow spheres of marbels, his salt and pepper hairs,peaking from the side of his cap, the half burnt cigerette dangling from the corner from his lips, his muscular and strong arms, the easy manoeuvering of shovel told a lot of him, his prowess and his character. Suzan could see him picking shovel full of coal from the stock behind the engine and stuffing those in the burning chamber of the steam boiler in front of him. The round hatch door was opened and a it was red and hot inside.
She could feel the action of the Engine man picking shovel full of
coal and thrusting them inside resembled the man over her and his movements.
The man's face was glowing from the fire of the combustion chamber to make it appear amber so was the expression of the face of her man
engaged in thrusting!
After some moment the Engine man shut the door after putting enough of fuel side and here also he stopped after a deep thrust making her
search for her ground below the floor in sheer ecastacy!
The whistle from the Train blown and the wheels screeched!
A glow from satisfaction and utter sensual pleasure made her face red.
She was in sheer ecastacy, enjoyed every moment of it.
She could see through the window of the barn a rainbow has appeared in the East horizon! Happy and smiling!
As she was to herself!

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