Friday, March 29, 2013

5-Second Test of Your Professional Confidence

5-Second Test of Your Professional Confidence*
J.T. O'Donnell
Career & Job Search Expert | CEO of CAREEREALISM Media

I recently spoke at an entrepreneur center. Roughly 80 business owners and I were there to discuss the idea of Authority Marketing. It's the concept
of using content to educate an audience to build credibility. Before I started the session, I went around the room and asked each attendee what
their "speciality" was. I told them to use as few words as possible. At least 50% of them struggled when it was their turn. There were a lot of
"ums" and "ahhs" as well as some pretty weak explanations. That was my first coaching lesson of the day...

Don't Just Know Your Speciality, OWN Your Speciality

The first rule of Authority Marketing is owning your speciality. Conveying authority begins with believing in your expertise and being willing to show
it. As business owners, those session attendees needed to see just how important being prepared to speak with authority about their speciality was
to making a good first impression. In short, I tested their professional
confidence - and many of them failed.

Guess What? You Own a Business Too!

The reason I'm sharing this story with you is because you are a business-of-one. Which means, in today's competative talent market, you
need to have professional confidence too. If you want to be seen as a talented, successful person in your chosen profession, you need to convey
authority when you share your speciality.

You've Got 5 Seconds to Write Down Your Speciality

Test your professional confidence by writing down what you would say your speciality is in 5 words or less. Then, ask yourself, "Is it memorable?" And
more importantly, "Can I say it with confidence?" If you answer "no" to either of those questions, then I'd suggest working on this very important
element of your career identity.

First impressions matter. Professional confidence when stating your speciality is the key.

What's your speciality?

I'd love to have you share your specialities below. How do you convey confidence, authority, and expertise?

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