Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Think and Grow Fit

Think and Grow Fit

By Dave Osh, Creator of Anti-Aging Fitness

Have you read the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill? This classic has been a best seller for more than 50 years. This book can change your life in a big way as it has changed many people lives, including me.

The most important highlight of this book is the understanding that your thoughts have an impact on your actual life. If you're having negative thoughts, you will face negative consequences. If you're having positive thoughts, you will get positive results.

The mechanism was discussed in previous ezines as the impact of the subconscious mind on the real world. But more important is that the subconscious mind is "programmable". You can "install" new set of beliefs that will help you achieving what you desire in life using a technique Hill calls "autosuggestion". Nowadays, psychologists name the same old technique as "positive affirmations" or "self hypnosis".

Hill inspired me to look at new areas where I can implement the 13 steps he presented in his book. This motivation led to the development of the 12 power-mind techniques for body and mind transformation. The 12 power-mind techniques became the biggest contributor to the huge success of my Anti-Aging Fitness Program.

But it gets even better. Engaging your mind in exercise will boost your results two fold. 90% of the people that exercise go to the gym or train outdoor while their mind is somewhere else. If you are running, don't you think about your job or family? If you are working out on weight machines, don't you think about your new love…or your lost love? We all do!

The level you engage your mind in the exercise is what determines the difference between an ineffective workout and a highly effective one. I have seen too many motivated people that decided to get fit, started to workout, didn't put their mind in action, didn't get results and gave up their dream…maybe forever. Who can blame them? They tried. It will be 10 times more difficult to get motivated again. I don't want you to be in this situation.

To make your workout really effective you must focus and concentrate each and every minute you exercise. If, for example, you are doing a chest exercise on a press machine and you are not planning, focusing, concentrating and giving commands to the specific target muscles, most likely you are engaging other muscles such as triceps and anterior deltoids. The focus of the movement is split among 3 groups of muscles instead of one and none of them get the full exercise benefits.

To lose fat and get the body you want is more than just…go exercise. You have to perform using the right form that will employ the target muscle and you have to focus like a laser beam on the sub-muscle group. It's not good enough to workout your chest. This is a big muscle group that employs the other supporting muscles.

The chest muscle group should be separated, for example, into 3 groups, each one of them to be worked separately: the upper, the middle and the lower muscles. Each one of them has different exercises, form and machines. But the most important is putting your mind into action and focus your thoughts on the specific sub-muscle group.

How does it work? You think about the sub-muscle group and your mind gives a command to engage the specific muscle while isolating any other muscle. Unfortunately, you often don't get this secret from many trainers. For more than 2 years I performed squats pushing myself up with my quads rather than with my butt and hamstrings. As a result I developed imbalances. I changed it simply by thinking about the backside of my legs whenever I perform this exercise.

Next time you go to the gym, make an experiment. Try to change the muscle engaged just by thinking about different muscles you work. You will be amazed how powerful this technique. You will also grasp how much you lose when you workout without your…mind.

If you are following a fitness program that doesn't show you what sub-muscle group is trained on each and every exercise, replace it right away. Every professional fitness program must connect the specific sub-muscle group to the exercise. Your job then is to connect your mind…to your body.

Think and grow fit…
Edited by: Lawyer Asad

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