Friday, February 1, 2013

Have you read these free life-changing e-books yet?

Have you read these free life-changing e-books yet?

Hope you're doing great today and always.

A lot of my subscribers have been thanking me
for the free self-help e-books I've been giving
every few days or so (many more to come).

It feels awesome to improve people's lives in
any way I can; so in this email, I've listed
down the download pages of some of the most
recent e-books (in case you missed any).

I suggest creating a separate folder where you
can save all these e-books. Then you can read
them at your own sweet time.

Here they are...

Empathic Listening:

Mind and Memory Master:

Get Fit! Get Healthy!

The Befriender:

How to Accomplish More in a Fraction of the Time:

The Motivation Companion:

Law of Attraction and Vision Board Tactics:

Personal Productivity

Ego Evolution:

Affirmations for Success:

The Secrets Behind Creativity:

Personal Mastery Methods:

Achieving Happiness:

Sleep Like A Pro:

Stay Free Through Rage Control:

Budget and Organization Plans for the Recession:

Happy reading and may your life improve greatly
as a result.

Best Regards,
Michael Lee

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