Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Here's exactly how to make yourself STOP procrastinating...

Here's exactly how to make yourself STOP procrastinating...

Did you know that the tendency to procrastinate is the primary reason many people live lives of desperation and frustration?

Have you made time to watch my free videos "Psychology of Time Management" and "Developing Habits That Get Things Done" yet?

If not, is it because you've been procrastinating?

Here's the link so you can watch them now.

Here's the thing: humans often procrastinate on large, important tasks with considerable future value. Naturally, this adds more stress and creates further hardship.

What have you procrastinated on lately?

To aid you in ditching this detrimental behavior and trading it in on excellent time management and better overall success, I've created a brand new video, "Overcoming Procrastination."

Watch it here:

When you watch "Overcoming Procrastination," you learn:

  • 2 areas in which it's crucial that you develop an excellent reputation – when you do, people perceive you as smarter
  • A 2-part tip for overcoming procrastination – and why it's important to be accountable to yourself as well as to someone else
  • What you can give yourself each time you complete a task – and why this aids in ditching procrastination
  • How rationalizing can damage your ability to get things done
  • Why creating – and adhering to – a schedule is key in getting over procrastination  

It takes a great deal of courage and discipline to break the habit of procrastination, but once you do, it will pay off for the rest of your life.

Watch "Overcoming Procrastination," and beat this dangerous characteristic, forever!

Here's to getting things done, NOW,

Brian Tracy

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