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The Power to Lighten Up

The Power to Lighten Up

By Henk Schram, Creator of Crack Your Egg

Today I want to let you in on one particular aspect of which we tend to highly underestimate the power and potential to radically turn things around in an your life in an instant. 

It was some experiences a while back that I fully realized the extreme impact of this on my state of being… almost in an instant.

At the same time, if I tell you what it is right upfront, it'll probably sound extremely simplistic… which in turn would bring up the risk that you might not read this article, let alone take up the importance of what I'm trying to get across here.

So before I let you in on this well-kept 'secret', let me build up the tension just a bit…

We Are Not Our Bodies

What dawned to me during the recent experiences I mentioned in an even stronger way than it did before, is that we are not our bodies. 

We've talked about how we create illusionary 'solidity' in our brain in other articles, and about the vibrational nature of sub-atomic particles (the so-called 'building blocks of solidity) in our free e-book on The Nature of Your Own Power.

Now, just like we can say that all things 'physical' are really illusionary, so are our bodies.

As such, can say that we're not our bodies; we are consciousness having an experience through an illusionary 'space suit' that we think is 'us'. 

This 'space suit' is just a vehicle that allows 'us' to experience this tiny frequency range that we can perceive with our bodies' five senses… which we call 'the world'.

The space suit isn't who we are really… It's only what we think we are. 

But when we buy that lie, then we merely live in the reality of the 'body'… the illusionary 'space suit'… And so we confine ourselves in a very limited perception, which can make us lose the connection to what we truly are:

Consciousness… and thus 'infinite possibility'. 

Life as 'a struggle' is part of the 'reality' of the 'body'… the tiny bandwidth within infinite possibility that we're able to perceive. 

But it doesn't have to be a struggle if we can break through the vibrational concrete that enslaves us to the will of the 'body' and the physical program in which it interacts. 

Interpreting the struggle as 'real' and thus succumbing to the whims of circumstance will only create a denser vibrational state that further disconnects us from a conscious connection with what we really are:

Consciousness… and thus infinite possibility.

The more you think you are your body, the more you think 'limited possibility'. And the more you think limited possibility, the more you are not in full consciousness, but in an energetic density that's usually a manifestation of states like worry, anger, guilt, depression, resentment, or in short: just an overall discord with 'what is'.

And then we say:

"I feel so tight and heavy"…

Our 'human energy fields' that we call our 'bodies' exist on multiple 'subtle levels', beyond the apparently physical level alone that we're most familiar with.

Ultimately, the emotional states that I just described are all expressions of fear, and they lock you up even more into a sense of limited options and choice.

Seen from the limited perspective of the 'five sense world' (the 'space suit' perspective), these emotions all chemical reactions, with a significant role played by hormones and other chemical substances. 

However, the chemical reaction is merely the 'physical' expression of what's happening at the 'subtle' levels that we can't observe with the five senses… a vibrational reaction.

As such, we mistake the effect for the cause. 

But meanwhile, we end up in a vicious cycle in which your denser mental and emotional state impact your perspective of possibility, which gets denser and denser… which in turn adversely influences your mental and emotional state… which in turn impacts your perspective of possibility, etc.

It's a vicious cycle… or rather, a downward spiral.

But here's the good news is this:

You can break this cycle… almost in an instant.


Well, how about this:


I know this may sound ridiculous at first, but think about it:

Try to be serious (tight and heavy) when you're laughing or someone else is…

You can't.

I'll tell you what:

You can look at the 'struggle of life'… and you can laugh, or you can cry. It's just a matter of choice.

"Are you insane?!", you ask… 

Plenty of people will confirm that notion.

But it works. Let me give you some context…

Most people who struggle to 'manifest their desires' and 'make their dreams a reality' need to break through the vibrational concrete that's keeping them small, tight and dense… be it due to physical, mental, emotional or even 'essential' and 'spiritual' factors. 

I refer to this process of breaking free from this dense 'force field' as 'cracking your egg'. There are specific and sophisticated techniques and protocols to help you do so, but here's a prerequisite that I want to share with you…

In my own use of these methods, I have learnt to apply my own 'being conscious' to switch to two perspectives at the same time:

(1) The 'participant'
(2) The 'observer'

The 'participant' is the part of you that's actually living the 'illusionary' experience through your 'body'. This is the part of you that really undergoes the 'struggle', like the character in the 'movie'.

And then there's the 'observer'. The 'observer' is the part of you that's able to step back just a bit, and watch the 'movie' with the other part of you 'participating' in it. 

This is the part of you that realizes that all is well, because you're really infinite consciousness going through an illusionary experience that only seems real. It realizes that it's okay to be in 'negative' emotional states, because that enables you to identify your problems, and then get rid of them.

(After all, think about it: you can only get rid of a problem – regardless of whether it's emotional, mental, 'physical', 'essential', and/or 'spiritual' – when you can consciously identify it. After all, if you don't even realize you have it, it'll stay put and remain strong outside of your conscious awareness.

Once you've clearly identified the true causes of your problems, then all you need are some tools to get rid of them.

And that's what the 'observer' part of you can do. Because the 'observer' can see the bigger picture beyond the illusionary realm of the five senses and 'negative' emotional states that are mere 'chemical' reactions.

As such, it can also see the real hoot it all is in 'reality'.

I've been through processes breaking through my own walls of vibrational concrete in which I was using some tools to 'clean up some crap' so to speak… I was crying an ocean… or rather, the 'participant' part of me was. 

Meanwhile, the 'observer' part of me was cleaning up all the mess… And in some weird way, visual images just popped up in my mind of how I really got rid of the problems.

To me personally, those images were so extremely funny that while I was crying, I also felt an uncontrollable urge to laugh out loud.

And once I did, I just cracked myself up…

The 'participant' part of me tried to hamper that, because it thought this was all very serious, and it wanted pity. 

However, the urge to laugh was simply too strong… So I had to let it out.

The moment I did, the laughter burst the bubble of pomposity. It took just a few seconds to clear out all the crap.

That feeling was amazing!

And this is not just during these 'egg-cracking'-activities. I've had days that I simply felt depressed, and then watched something that I thought was funny, and all the tension just broke.

It's the same when you manage to make other people laugh at the moment they were actually crying a river.

It's just a fact:

You can't be tight and heavy when you're laughing. Laughter breaks up the density and frees the energy to flow.

It has even been shown in medical trials that laughing has a wonderful healing effect on your body.

Now, I'm not saying we should all laugh uncontrollably 24 hours a day. But I am saying that most people don't laugh enough by far. And then there are people who hardly laugh at all. 

There's this English comedian called Ken Dodd who put it like this:

"We're all born with a chuckle muscle, and if you exercise it every day, it'll keep you young and frisky all your life. But if you don't, it dries up and drops off."

Now think about it:

How many times are we told we mustn't laugh? For crying out loud, even as kids and throughout school we're often told not to laugh.

So let's lighten up, wouldn't you say? 

After all, we're infinite consciousness… all possibility having an experience in this 'reality'. We can make it a 'fun' experience if we want, if only we celebrate who we are and express the joy of that. 

So laugh, my friend! Find stuff that you think is funny, and spend time with it. Try the participant/observer method I described. Develop that chuckle muscle, and apply its strength at times you notice you feel tight and heavy. Do whatever it takes. 

A situation can be depressing or fearful… or ridiculous and funny. It's just a point of observation, depending on how you look at it (from the 'participant' perspective or 'observer' perspective).

And the best thing is this:

Laughter is infectious. And when one person laughs, it's like permission has been granted to others to laugh as well. And I mean even the ones who are afraid to loosen their corsets and let themselves go.

Step out of the density of the 'body space suit' (participant) now and then… And see things from the 'observer' perspective. 'Out there' can be so much fun, I tell you! There's so much joy at just 'being'.

And others will follow… They won't be able to help it.

Henk J.M. Schram is the author and creator of the 'Crack Your Egg Program', which is commonly regarded as the most unique and innovative system available on how to literally "push the 'restart'-button" of your entire subconscious mind.

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