Sunday, November 4, 2012

Are you forgetful? Learn how to retain info! [video]

Are you forgetful? Learn how to retain info! [video]

Yesterday, I sent you my "Personal Learning Assessment," to help you discover HOW you learn best, so that you can become more effective in all areas of your life.
If you haven't taken it, download it now!
Just like a marathon, running faster depends on your ability to properly train and maintain speed when the volume goes up. In this digital age of rapid change, you have to efficiently learn at an accelerated pace to keep up with information doubling and tripling.
Thats why I released my brand-new video, "Learn More to Earn More," where I discuss the how you can being to learn, retain and recall massive amounts of information each day.
Watch my free video here.

In my BRAND-NEW video, you'll learn:
  • A concept that changed my life and every single person who discovers it…
  • How many intelligences we are actually born with (hint: it's not just one)
  • Why some people just can't seem to change their income, or their life, for the better.
  • A truth about you that you probably didn't know, and how it relates to your learning ability
  • And much more!
Watch "Learn More to Earn More" now. And start using your brain in a whole NEW way!
To your success,

Brian Tracy
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