Wednesday, October 17, 2012

4 ways to get your boss to say yes to your idea

4 ways to get your boss to say yes to your idea

Katya Andresen
I not too long ago gave a speech called, "Winning over your boss with marketing ju-jitsu."

Here's the concept: As marketers and professional communicators, we should be skilled at persuading our bosses to do things.  But we often struggle with internal marketing.  Why?  We're telling rather than selling our bosses - in other words, we're not treating them as we would any other external audience.  They need convincing like anyone else.  Enter ju-jitsu—the soft martial art—which relies on balance and leverage to overwhelm an opponent.  I talked about four ways to start using your boss's values and psychology as a powerful way to advance a communications agenda. 

1. Your boss is a brain, not an ear.  In other words, you have to connect with her based on how her mind works.  You're a marketer!  Market to your boss!  Cast your case according to her agenda.

2. Reason is overrated.  All sorts of brain research shows that stories and emotion engage people in a way that an analytical case never can.  Make your case with story first, facts second.

3. Put your case in the mouth of someone your boss likes and respects.  You may not be the best messenger for your case.  Who has your boss's ear?  Let them do the convincing for you.

4. Work with the culture rather than trying to change it.  We're just now understanding how deeply culture influences us - organizational culture, national culture, tribal culture, etc.  As Peter Drucker said, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast."  Don't try to sell something that is alien to the culture at your organization - or the cultural orientation of your boss.  That threatens her very identity.  Speak to how your idea fits within the culture - and celebrates it.  Better to match to existing values than to try to change them.

Good luck!

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