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Numerology: How Numbers Relate to Wealth and Money

Numerology: How Numbers Relate to Wealth and Money

Aside from having their general representations, numbers also have
qualities. They have rich symbolic meaning and relate to every area
of life. The focus of this article is how numbers can relate to
money - your ability to earn money, be given money and give away

You can use the interpretations below to analyze anything including
names and birthdates. Simply use the usual formula of reducing the
number to a single digit. Double digits are not necessary for this
kind of reading as it is very rudimentary.

Each digit has a corresponding energy to it that has can belie how
a person will deal with wealth in the long run. Learning the energy
of each single number and how it interacts with prosperity is a
good way to begin to get a picture of your potential to make money.


If you reduce to a number 1 you will definitely have a monetary
advantage in life. However as it is also a number of beginnings,
you may find yourself repeatedly starting things. It is not a
number that tends to get into debt as the money made tends to stay
with the person who made it in the first place. The number 1 is a
leader and is excellent at building wealth. Often the prosperity
attracted by this individual is enjoyed by the people that he or
she leads or employs.


This is one of the worst numbers to be financially. It does not
reflect wealth as it is implied that whatever is made is always
shared or flows out to others. The number 2 also symbolizes delays
and disappointment as well as putting somebody else's concerns
before your own. The 2 is also generous to a flaw. The number 2's
love of luxury often sends them spiralling into debt.


This is a naturally lucky number that makes money easily. However
one of the famous characteristics of a 3 is that the money is spent
as much as it is made, so it is not a great number for the
accumulation of funds. The 3 tends to always be a "penny short and
a day late" even if they are rich. They are also very likely to get
into debt yet at the same time they get out debt easier than other


The 4 is not necessarily destined to be poor but this number must
work very hard for every single cent he or she makes. Without
discipline this number can remain quite poverty stricken. It is the
number that is voted least likely to win the lottery. However it is
also voted one of the most likely to grow money that has been


The Number 5 is good at business. They thrive as long as they stay
organized and keep within their budgets. They have a streak of
philanthropy and treat their employees well. The Number 5 often
believes that money must be given away and that it is a
replenishing source. The cosmos often rewards them with everything
they need in life as a kind of karmic thank you for the good


This is a number that symbolizes abundance. The 6 sometimes
inherits money as it is a number that is associated with gifts and
family. The 6 usually flourishes at anything he or she tries and
almost never has to worry about cash flow. There are usually no
extreme financial highs or lows for a 6 personality.


This number is prone to financial challenges just because the owner
of it has a vibe that is so eccentric. Usually the individual earns
significant prosperity but just does not care about it. The 7 is
also most likely to make millions from one wild idea. The downside
of this number is hoarding or using wealth for less than ethical


The number 8 is the one that symbolizes big bucks but it can also
symbolize extreme losses. It is the number that means "you have to
spend money to make money." Very often 8's are plagued with
expenses to do with maintaining an expensive lifestyle.


This is a number that attracts money easily and effortlessly but it
is a "penny wise pound foolish" number. Nines are prosperous but
they find it difficult to hold onto wealth for long. The philanthropic
part of them just gives it away. However many of them have a
natural "Midas Touch."

You can apply the above to your Expression Number, Destiny Number,
the year you will born, the month you were born and even the day
you were born to see how money and wealth might be attracted into
your life.


Yours in Numbers,

Mike Madigan

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