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15 Powerful Success Secrets from Jim Rohn

15 Powerful Success Secrets from Jim Rohn

Source: Jim Rohn's Secret To A Rich, Wealthy And Purposeful Life!

This was a great presentation given by the late Jim Rohn on the 15 challenges that can help you to go further, climb higher and conquer anything you want in business and in Life.

Below I have listed my own interpretation of the 15 Challenges that he presented.

1. Review Your Performance

How much effort are you putting into your actions today? When you take the time to stop and review your performance, you'll probably realize that you can do better. You can always do better!
Jim Rohn made a good point when he stated to "always do more than you are paid for to make an investment in your future." This is some of the wisest business (or personal) advice that you may ever hear because when you give more, you are gaining a sense of Universal credit which will eventually be deposited to you at some point time.
So no matter how much you currently give, review your performance and start giving more!

2. Face Your Fears

Facing your fears is the only way to totally guarantee that you finally conquer them. A wise man once gave the instructions to "do the thing that you fear and death of that fear is certain".
So stop running from the things that you are afraid of and take a stand and look them dead in the eyes. Once you do this, they won't be that scary any more.

3. Exercise Your Willpower

I've heard some people argue that willpower just doesn't work. I highly disagree with this because willpower is absolutely essentialfor getting the ball rolling when you're changing directions in life. As a matter fact, there really isn't any other method that's going to work in this scenario.
Think about it for a minute; there isn't anyone who is going to physically move you and get you going in the right direction but you. And it's going to take a load of effort too; conscious effort to be exact.
You must consciously think about the change that you want to make in regards to the new direction that you want to go in and then summon up all of the willpower that you can in order to start heading in that direction.

4. Admit Your Mistakes

The first step to making lasting changes in your life is to let go of your ego and admit your faults, defeats and errors. So when you screw up, the first thing you need to do is to take full responsibility for your actions no matter whom or what is involved.
Stop playing the blame game!
You and only you are responsible for everything that happens in your life. So you owe it first to yourself and second to others to admit your mistakes and claim responsibility for them.
Own your mistakes!
After that, you'll find it super easy to move on in the right direction.

5. Refine Your Goals

Nine times out of ten you'll find that you set goals that just aren't high enough and don't force you to stretch to new heights. So sometimes you need to take a step back and set higher goals that force you to get out of your comfort zone and achieve things that you really never thought were possible.
Refine and reset!
Shoot higher and higher and watch as you soar high above the clouds!

6. Believe in Yourself

In order to achieve a level of greatness in any field, you must believe that you can do it though matter what the circumstances.
You must believe 100% in your product.
You must believe 100% in your service.
You must believe 100% in your ability to overcome and conquer.
It doesn't really matter if every single person in the world tells you that you can't; you must believe that you can! Jim Rohn hit the nail on the head when he said that there isn't a skill that you can't learn. So no matter what you need to do to keep reaching for higher levels of achievement, there is a way to acquire the skills and knowledge that will get you there.
Believe and Achieve!

7. Ask for Wisdom

Quit asking for Life to be easier! Instead ask for strength, wisdom, knowledge and everything you need to overcome your adversity.
I love it when Jim Rohn stated "don't wish it was easier, wish you were better". This is true wisdom because asking for life to be easier never made anyone stronger, wise or simply a better person. Instead, ask for the tools, people, guidance, skills and strength to come into your life so you can overcome your obstacles.
You can wish all you want that the mountain in front of you will disappear but it will never happen. Instead gather the tools you need and scale the mountain!

8. Conserve Your Time

One of the most precious valuables in the world is time. It's something that's indispensable because once it's gone you can never get it back… EVER!
This is why you must make the most of every second of every day and never, ever, ever take one second for granted. When you make time to work,WORK! And when you make time to stop and smell the roses, savor every moment!
Productivity is essential for achievement so plan your work and work your plan swiftly and to the absolute best of your ability.

9. Invest Your Profits

Profits truly are better than wages and they will make you a fortune. And the only way you can receive profits is by building a business. This is why I am a firm believer in starting up an online business. Practically anyone can learn the skills if they are willing and disciplined and through your online business you can create profits and then INVEST them in your future.
There are no profits in working a JOB. The only profits that are there to invest are the ones that the company receives that you make for them.
Invest in your business.
Invest in your education.
Invest in your future.
When you invest instead of spend, you will compound your income.

10. Protect Your Family

When I think of the phrase "protect your family" I don't always see it as meaning physically protecting them from harm's way directly. I am a firm believer in protecting your family by instilling knowledge and wisdom which will help them to avoid hardship, heart ache in the true dangers of this world.
Knowledge is Power and it is this same power that will fend off any potential diabolic deeds that lurk in this world.
Remember, give someone a fish and they'll eat for a day; teach them how to fish and they'll have food for a lifetime.

11. Live with Intensity

This is one of my favorites because it is a philosophy that I follow 100%. Everything you do, from brushing your teeth to closing a business deal you must do with 100% intensity. This means you put in every ounce of effort into every single action that you take. It means being aggressive by taking life by the horns and wrestling it to the ground.
So no matter what you do, do it with all your heart and soul!

12. Find Your Place

The best way out of a situation is through it. So if you want to get out of the current job that you're in, you have to go through it. This means that you must strive to give everything you've got to that job no matter what the circumstances are.
Even if you hate the job, the way "through it" is to view your current place as a stepping stone that will help to get you to wherever it is you want to be. With this type of attitude you'll find yourself able to tolerate your current place in life because you are absolutely certain that there is a BIGGER and BETTER place for you up ahead in the near future.
Remember, it's all a stepping stone!

13. Demand Integrity from Yourself

As you sow, so shall you reap.
If you expect integrity from other people then you must first live with integrity yourself. This means that you must have integrity in your thoughts, your words and your actions. You must be a leader, always setting the example of what is right and just. Remember, you can't demand something of someone else if you don't in fact give it in the first place.
So be the best example of what you would like in return and that's what you will get.

14. Welcome the Disciplines

Discipline is the act of carrying out your plan of action precisely and elegantly, when it needs to be done and where it needs to be done. Discipline is what keeps you focused and on track when there are distractions in life. Discipline leads to consistency; and consistency ultimately leads to perpetual progression.
If there is one ingredient that cannot be left out of the recipe for success, it would be discipline.

15. Fight for What's Right

What would you do if the whole world was fighting for a cause that you knew 100% in your mind was wrong? This is reality because there are going to be times in your life that feel like this. And you must stand up and fight for what's right even if you're going against what seems like an army.
If you fight for what's right, in the end, you will savor the ultimate victory. Truth, wisdom and integrity will always prevail. And above all, remember to always always, always keep faith and you will see miracles happen in your life!

Jim Rohn was a great motivational speaker and had an amazing ability to grasp opportunities to create wealth. His wealth creation ability was demonstrated when he lost over $2.3 million with the collapsed and subsequently became a multi-millionaire again.

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