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The Universe Always Says Yes

The Universe Always Says Yes

By Aine Belton, Creator of Matrix Shift

Miracles are natural. When you awaken to the true nature of reality and

discover it is not the solid world it appears to be and that you are its

source not subject, you begin to experience life as the magical dream that

it truly is.

The more you acknowledge yourself as the powerful co-creator that you are,

the more you will step into a whole new way of living, creating and

experiencing your life where synchronicities and serendipities abound and

miracles no longer surprise you (in fact, you come to expect them!).

"There are two ways to live your life - one is as though nothing is a

miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle." —Albert Einstein

Your world is not separate from you; what's more it is malleable. Your

heart and mind hold the keys to its mastery. What you believe to be real

'out there' are wavelengths of energy that correspond directly to your

thoughts. It is you that determines what exists from the infinite field of possibility.

Your reality is a hologram of your consciousness, a reflection and

extension of the entirety of your mind. When you change, so does your

world. You are a miraculous manifesting machine creating your reality in

every moment! You can't not create. The key is to become conscious of how

you do so. This is the art of true alchemy.

You can create miracles by harnessing the tools of your consciousness.

These include:

  - Your beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and feelings

  - Your desire - the fuel that breathes life into your dreams and seeds your intentions

  - Your imagination - the boundless palate with which you craft your world

  - Your positive emotional resonance - love, trust, gratitude, fun, etc.

  - Your connection to your bright future - experiencing it 'for real' in your heart and mind NOW to engage future causation

  - And your power of choice itself - the flagship of free will, that can direct and determine all preceding elements.

Not only can you create miracles consciously, you can also invite them into

your life by the grace of co-creation, by allowing the universe to gift

you, love you and bless you simply by asking and being open and willing to


You both consciously and unconsciously create the world around you, yet you

are not alone in the process. You are a co-creator with the source of life,

what ever name you hold for such, that ever conspires in your favour and

will perform any amount of miracles and magic for the attainment of your


You deserve all that your heart desires. You are the only one that can

stand in your way. Expand your vision of the possible and open to receive.

The only limits are those that exist within your own mind. The universe

always says yes. Will you?

The more you recognize that you are eternally connected to an all-loving

infinitely abundant source, the more you will allow in the grace of

co-creation. The fastest way to activate miracles in your life is through

the gateway of love. Love is the highest vibration in the universe. You are

a spiritual being born of love. The essence of who you are is love itself.

You are inherently lovable and have always and will always be loved by the

heart of creation. Miracles are love in action.

The universe loves you more than you are able to fully know. It loves you

more than you love yourself. It loves you totally and unconditionally.

There are no bounds to that love. You are loved beyond measure. There is

nothing you can do to lose that love, and nothing you need do to win it.

The more you connect to this truth, the more magic and miracles you will

allow into your life and the more effortless your successes will become,

for you will realize there is no separation between you and the love of

Source and anything you desire can be yours by choice.

The more you connect to the truth of who you are, your innocence, worth

and magnificence, the more negative self-concepts and beliefs fall away as

you experience yourself as the love of who you are and become an

irresistible and miraculous magnet to the realities that you desire.

Aine Belton is the creator of Matrix Shift: Change Your Energy, Change Your World!

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