Friday, June 8, 2012

The Power of Negative

The Power of Negative

We all know that the people we hang around with and the conversations we have with them determine a lot of our mental attitudes. If you hang around with positive people, they will always encourage you to reach your full potential, but a negative influence or word can set a person on a downward spiral.

We are taught that "Positive" is Good and "Negative" is Bad. But, this is not always the case. Negative can be a powerful motivator if you know how to use it correctly.

When a negative comment is thrown a person's way, 95% of the time, the person will react in a negative way. This causes hurt, fear, anger and even destruction. But, just imagine if you could harness this most powerful energy and devote it to something that would promote, build and help the lives of others and yourself.

I was reading an article recently on a man who was rejected from riding a rollercoaster because of his weight. He was told he was too big and he would have to leave. No doubt, this caused the man to feel hurt; probably even devastated inside. I would guess he may have even wanted to go home and just hide away from the world, but NO, something inside of him said, "I will not give into this pain, I will use it to motivate me!" Now, this man has set a goal to lose weight and is more determined than ever to make this a reality. He has an overwhelming desire that was not there before. He found a way to use that negative for the positive.

Many of my friends that have run for a public or state office have often told me that the one thing that contributed to them working harder and reaching their goals was when someone said, "You'll never be able to do this. You aren't good enough." It was the fire they needed to fight harder and do a better job. It brought them from being the underdog to reaching the top.

I want you to try something. The next time a negative comment or hurtful conversation is directed at you, notice that powerful energy that is building within you. Instead of blowing up, hiding away or doing something that could result in harm, immediately focus it on something that will help either yourself or other people. The end result is going to be in your favor and the pride of accomplishment will soon take the place of the negative. Positive or Negative, it's YOUR energy, use it how you choose! YOU have the power!

Kip Davis

Kip Davis is a city planner for Augusta, Arkansas. He is also a columnist for The Woodruff County Monitor ( ) and recently had three books published, which are available on and he has two more coming out this summer. If you would like to send Kip your comments to his story feel free to email him at:


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