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Mind Power Training: The 9 Effective Steps To Creative Visualization

Mind Power Training: The 9 Effective Steps To Creative Visualization

Source: Power Brain Formula

For the past years, the great importance of mind power training became popular when it comes to achieving personal goals and improving the mind power of an individual.

Fitness coaches, empowerment coaches and lifestyle coaches had adopt all strategies and techniques that can completely utilize the innate power of the human mind to its full capacity.

Experts in mind power believed that it is in the mind where everything happens and without any doubt, it is the key to determine the kind of life that an individual will live on.

Despite having my dream job for more than 10 years, I still experienced a miserable existence.

And why is that? Simply because I continuously filled my mind with fear, worry and doubt.

That happened because I allowed my mind to control me rather than me controlling my mind.

When you control your mind, you can achieve anything.

A new car, luxury house, dream job, perfect partner, big bank account could all be yours once you take control and develop the power of your mind. Unbelievable, but this is the truth.

One of the most successful techniques for you to discover the true power of your mind that will lead you to get anything you want in life is to learn creative visualization.

The power of creative visualization is one of the most powerful mind power training methods that all high achievers in the field of business, sport, arts and any other else utilize to manifest and attain their goals in life.

Below are the 9 powerful mind power steps that will train your mind to acquire creative visualization successfully.

1. Choose the right place and time

Find a good place where you can effectively concentrate such as a place that is free from any kind of disturbances and distractions.

This could be in your room or any peaceful place that you like.

Also, choose a time where there is a lesser chance for you to be interrupted and disturbed once you are doing the training.

An ideal time for this would be in the morning or before going to bed.

2. Wear comfortable clothes

Before, doing the training, it is best that you should wear those clothes that are comfortable, relaxing and loose.

3. Find a comfortable position

Lie or sit down in a comfortable position so as to make sure that your spine and back are straight.

Relax your mind and body. This will ease the tension and help improve the circulation of your blood.

4. Close your eyes

Close your eyes so that you can concentrate and focus effectively to the mental images in your mind. Doing this will greatly help to prevent you from being disturbed by the things present in your physical world.

5. Breathe deeply and slowly

Try to breathe in a deep, slow and rhythmic manner. Listen and feel the rhythm of your breathing and be more relaxed.

6. Create a mental picture of what you want to achieve

This step is where the process of visualization begins. Once you achieve a relaxed state of your mind and body, create the image of a particular object or goal that you desire.

Visualize the thing that you desire is already complete.

Make that image as bright and as clear as possible. Look at that image as clearly and as sharply as you can using the eye of your mind.

For example, you want to have a luxurious house in front of a beach. Then visualize yourself standing in front of the house that you want. Now try to be specific with the details of the house that you exactly want to have. What is the color of the house? What does it look like? Determine exactly what you want for your ideal house to have.

7. Fuel it with emotion

Fill what you visualize in mind with emotion. This is the key that will propel your vision to move forward.

Adding emotion to the image that you visualize in your mind will increase the potency and effectiveness of your visualization. Add taste, sound, smell as well as feelings to the image you have created in your mind.

Using the example above, while you are standing in front of your dream house, feel the warm, bright glow of the sun on your face or the sound of waves as they reach the shore. Feel how good is it to have the house that you ever wanted. Fill your mind with the feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment as you have achieved your goal of owning a luxurious house.

The more intense and realistic your emotions are when you are visualizing the image of what your desire, the more effective and powerful the results will be.

8. Have a picture of what you want to get in life

Sometimes, people find it hard to see and visualize their goals in mind. If you are experiencing this, the best thing to do is to get a picture that symbolize or represents your desire and then stick them in highly visible places where you will be able to see them often throughout the day.

An ideal for this would be on your refrigerator door, on your ceiling in your bedroom or on your vision board in your room or office.

This will lead your subconscious mind and conscious mind to be more focused on your goals in life.

9. Be creative

When creating the images of your desire whether mental or physical, be creative as much as possible. It does not matter how it looks like or what it is, as long as the image is specific to you and to your needs. This will make it more effective for you in achieving your goals.

These are all the important steps for improving your mind power through creative visualization.

Always remember to make some time everyday to visualize your goals as already accomplished.


You do not need to do this training for a long time. 10 up to 15 minutes will be more than enough.

Once again, with the use of your mind you can achieve anything you want in life. Do it properly and your dreams will turn into reality. That's for sure!

So I challenge you, start using the power of your mind and do the creative visualization now. This is one of the most powerful technique and most significant mind power training methods that can greatly help you in your goal achievement and success.

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