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How to Eliminate Poverty Consciousness and Manifest True Abundance

*How to Eliminate Poverty Consciousness and Manifest True Abundance*

*By Jafree Oswald and Margot Zaher

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Have you ever wondered how poverty consciousness is created and what you

can do to step out of it?

Sometimes it happens that we become overly entangled in the material world

and get wrapped up in feeling that we always need more money. This idea of

lacking money sends toxic stress chemicals to the brain causing the body to
fight or flee for its life.

Anytime we repetitively feel that there is not enough of "this or that", it
forms a chemical rut of impoverished thinking in our body-mind which deple
tes our energy, manifesting vibration, and financial outlook on life.

Every time this lacking feeling is regurgitated it creates mini "poverty

attacks" in the inner world, which eventually manifest into physically

lacking finances on the outer world.

The good news is that this entrapped cyclical experience is only here to

give you an experience of what you don't want, so that you are insp
ired to one day become clearer on what you really DO want! The enlightening
secret is that this pattern is easily shifted by simply refocusing your aw
areness OFF of neediness and ON to feelings of gratitude and appreciation.

*"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our

thoughts, we make our world." ~Buddha*

When you put your attention on feelings of acceptance and gratitude for wha
t you do have, you start sending positive expansive feeling based chemicals
directly into your brain which are felt throughout your body.

The more frequently these "appreciation chemicals" are prod
uced, the happier you become and the higher your manifesting vibration grow
s. This vibrational inner shift causes you to physically attract that highe
r paying job, a huge contract, that wealthy client who loves you, or a size
able check from that special person in the outer world.

Even though your financial situation may be struggling, impoverished, or ab
solutely bleak for years, it really does not matter. You can instantly shif
t into the experience of feeling more abundant and start manifesting abunda
nce! Simply refocus your attention for 24 hours on deep feelings of appreci
ation and gratitude. Choose to focus on ANYTHING that you can authentically
feel deep gratitude for. We live in an abundant conscious Universe. With p
atience, you will soon begin to see these physical

manifestations of abundance come your way.

*"Look within, see The Divine Self. Only then there will be an end
of the

world and its miseries." ~Ramana Maharshi*

*There is an ancient golden secret to breaking out of the prison of poverty

consciousness forever that we'd like to share with you. This secret is to O
NLY measure your financial abundance based on the quality and quantity of A
BUNDANT FEELINGS you are having.*

Meaning that your outer wealth is never going to be 100% trustworthy

measurement of how abundant you really are. Anything and everything in the

outer world will be taken away from you one day. Abundance based on resourc
es from the outer world is illusory, and is a form of impermanent abundance

The true permanent state of richness only comes from being connected to the

divinity within. Appreciating what is here now or the goodies that are comi
ng your way is the fastest path to getting there. Yes, there are many multi
-millionaires in this world who aren't very appreciative, still don
't FEEL rich and are continuously striving to become wealthy. Even
though they have plenty of dough, they are still letting themselves remain
entrapped in

the realm of poverty consciousness.

Consistent gratitude is the easy track to ending poverty internally and

externally. When your abundance is measured by how deeply you FEEL abundant
and how often you visit this feeling, then your experience of being rich i
s truly unstoppable. This is the most direct path to financially magnetizin

massive abundance to you in the outer world.

*"You are not inferior Beings in need of enlightenment…you
are not misguided children trying to find your way home. You are powerful L
eading-Edge creators riding the most significant wave of expansion that has
ever occurred." ~Abraham-Hicks*

Now that you know this secret, be curious about the beliefs you are repetit
ively having about your current financial situation. We all have hidden bel
iefs that are running the show behind the scenes. If somehow you have a dee
per belief that you must work harder in order to be truly

successful, then that is exactly what you will create.

Go deeper inside. Explore what is beneath those old paradigms that make you
struggle more, work harder (and not smarter) to achieve unnecessary stress

and make you feel less successful and abundant. There is a much more

expansive, empowering belief system available. You can begin to form these

new beliefs today by living as if you have already arrived at this abundant

life that you love.

So start relaxing while you're at work, appreciating that electric bill tha
t gives you light. Go and have that special experience that you've always w
anted, and really enjoy this amazing body and creative mind that have been
freely given to you! As you consistently appreciate this divine manifesting
vehicle that you are living in, you'll notice how each day of

your life unfolds itself in the most magical and abundant ways.

*Have an Amazingly Appreciative Abundant Week!!

Jafree & Margot*


*Edited by: Lawyer Asaad*

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