Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Key To Ending Procrastination

So many successful people struggle with procrastination.

Are you one of them?

It's understandable. If you're like many people, your to-do list is so long and overwhelming, you aren't sure where to start or how to tackle everything on it.

But the fact is, procrastination doesn't help. For one thing, you don't get done what you need to get done. Or you get done the menial, unimportant things while the big, important ones are looming over your head all day (or even all week).

Unfortunately, it's the big ones that have the most potential to affect your life - and increase your income.

So how do you STOP procrastinating so you can become more productive and
make more money?

By now, you know I wouldn't write about a problem without presenting a solution.

When you learn to effectively manage your time, you stop procrastinating, start making more money, and begin to enjoy life more.

I've put together a brand-new free video just for you, called, "The ABCDE Method of Time Management."

Watch it here.

In it, I share a method of time management many people have said has
changed their lives forever. It's based on the skill of organizing your tasks by priority so you tackle your biggest, most important tasks first.

When you get a handle on the ABCDE Method, your life WILL change - and
procrastination will become a thing of the past.

In this video, you learn:

* How to organize your entire life by using my powerful priority setting technique
* Why you should never begin work for the day without this ONE key item in hand
* How much time most people waste, on average, doing tasks that don't need to be done - how much time are you wasting?
* Why you may need to reevaluate everything you're doing, if you struggle with time management
* How to prioritize the items on your to-do list, when many of them seem very important

Ready to stop procrastinating and start living more productively? It's time.

Watch this video, for free, here.

Here's to your productivity - and the end of your procrastination, every day.

Brian Tracy

P.S. This video is free, but it is only posted for a limited time, so watch it now. Don't procrastinate on this! Remember, this technique has changed lives and it can change yours, too. Watch the video here.

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