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The World is Your Mental Creation

*The World is Your Mental Creation*

*By Burt Goldman, *

The principle of Mentalism -- which says the universe is a mental creation of God -- is perhaps one of the most inexplicable and mysterious of any principle as it involves the unknowable.

God, or as the followers of the teachings of Hermes say the All, is absolute and beyond understanding; all we can do is guess; and the guesses I can safely say will all be wrong. God is infinite and eternal; meaning God had no beginning but has always been, and will have no ending but will always be.

That alone is beyond comprehension. How can anything have no beginning? That my friends is the divine paradox. But allow me to address the fact that God
is infinite. Being infinite he is in and of everything. I use the term loosely as God would have to be genderless and perfect. You can neither diminish nor add anything to him.

The universe is a mental creation. That goes along with the infinite nature
of God. Allow me to use a metaphor as that is the only way to get even close
to a comprehension of what I am attempting to say.

You can create a being, or an event in your mind. Every play, every book, every motion picture is a created fantasy, not real, but created by the mind of a person. An infinite being creates infinitely. In other words, all that is, all that was, and all that will be has been created in the mind of God.
That is infinity.

I touch on this in Quantum Jumping because if the universe is infinite everything imaginable, and much more
that is unimaginable has already been created. Every being, every animal and
vegetable, every grain of sand, every molecule and every time period, past
present and future is already there in an infinite universe.

If that is difficult to understand how about eternity? Many faiths believe
that after death they will awaken in heaven, paradise, glory. That would be
nice for ten years or so of perfect living in a perfect world. But how would you feel doing the same thing for a hundred years, or a thousand, or ten thousand. And after ten thousand years of paradise with the perfect woman, or man, or place to reside you can look forward to another ten thousand.

Wow. Twenty thousand years of doing the same thing. How about a hundred
thousand years, a million, a hundred million years of paradise with the same
person, the same perfect events. And after a hundred million years, even
though you may be a bit tired of all that perfection you can look forward to a hundred million more, and then another and another. After all this is eternity.

Logically, something here is amiss. But God didn't create us to suffer or to
prosper. He didn't create us to be bad, or good. He created all types and then gave us free will and created the law of causality, commonly called cause and effect. What they do with that resolve is up to the individual.
When a writer writes a play he directs the characters and is the puppeteer;
a writer is the obvious cause. But what if the writer had the ability to create the cast of the play, and the setting, and then allowed the characters to go their own way, to do their own thing, to allow the
characters to create cause themselves. Might be an interesting play, but the
writer would have to be an infinite being to do that so we can only guess at what the outcome would be.

As I only have a brief time to get this point across I can only hope to stimulate your mind and get you to using more of it, to think. God must be immutable. He cannot be changed, nor added to or subtracted from nor become greater or lesser in any respect. He must have always been and will always remain, what he has done in the creation of all these creatures of the universe is to experience. Now God does not need experience, he doesn't need anything. He is, all that is.

Why did God create the universe? We can never know that. We can only use the
concept of the universe being a mental creation of God in our own lives. We
are also mental creators. Every thing, every dress, shoe, tie, suit, car, pencil, house, building, everything was created by the mind of a human being. In that we are all imitators of the creator of all things.

Know that you too are a creator. Get to understand your mind a bit better and you will find the way. The universe is a mental creation of God. Your world is a mental creation of yourself. Many of you know that I've used this concept over and over again during the thirty and more years I've been teaching personal development. Your world is a mental creation.

Where do you find yourself, where are you at present? You may not realize
it, it may seem that forces beyond your control put you there, but the fact is, you did it. You did it with your attitude, your beliefs, your actions and your mental creations. You too are a creator, a mental creator. The great principle of Mentalism states, the universe is a mental creation of God. You are part of that creation, but you have free will. You have the ability to change, to progress, to grow, to evolve. To be a better person.
To be a better and better person.

My advice to you, should you be interested is to be the best you that you can be. But know that through the dynamic use of your mind you do have the ability to be a better person, a better you. How about starting now, right now. What can you do if you made up your mind to be a better person? I can't tell you that. But think about this, what would your life be like if you were a better person?

Only you can take the first step. Do something today, or if it is late in the afternoon or evening when you're reading or hearing this, do something
tomorrow that you will be proud of, something that will please you. I can't
tell you what that is, only you can. Sit quietly for a few moments, meditate
and call on your higher self, what would that self tell you to do to make you a better person, a person you will be proud of a person your ancestors will be proud of? And then, do it.

There is a road ahead of you with many forks in it. Each one involves a choice. Your reality is the result of the choices you made in the past. Your future life will be the result of the choices you make in the future.

Make good ones. Each choice is a cause for an upcoming effect. Good luck, and may God smile on you.

Burt Goldman is a life-long Silva instructor and creator of Quantum Jumping.

Edited by: Lawyer Asad

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