Friday, February 4, 2011

Lottery Winner Reveals How He Won 3 times!

I need to share with you something really amazing...

His name is Larry Blair and won the lottery 3 times
in a row. That is $3.5 million...

He is an Oklahoma professor and playing around with numbers is a favorite past time of his.

He was shot in the foot when two guys tried to kidnap him to find out his lottery secrets that has made him rich.

Read his incredible story here:

FINALLY Larry has decided to write a book about the secret behind his lottery success.
You can find all the details inside of this page:

Personally, I've read that page over and over again because it's truly an amazing story you don't see

If it continues to work, just like tens of people who have tried his methods says that it works, it has
the potential to bankrupt a large number of lotteries all over the world...and I'm deadly serious about this.

Go here and see what is all about:

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