Thursday, February 10, 2011

The #1 Thing That Keeps You From Getting Results (Free Video)

Once again I have another powerful video for you to watch from the free
pre-event video series for the upcoming 2011Tapping World Summit.

This video is with international known expert Cheryl Richardson, a
best-selling author of 5 books who is best known as one of the world's
foremost personal coaching pioneers.

Cheryl has appeared on shows like The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America and The Today Show just to name a few.

You can see this free video by clicking here

In this video Cheryl talks out the #1 thing that locks fear, anxiety and
an inability to take positive action into place...

I think this video hits on a really important topic for most people
because as I'm sure you'd agree with me, taking action on information you learn is just as important as learning the information in the first place.

If you feel like you'd like to be implementing more of what you learn to get better results in your life then I suggest watching this video.

It's the 3rd in the free Tapping World Summit Video series that has
been released over the last week.

Over 120,000 people have watched the first two videos with experts Jack Canfield and Bruce Lipton.

There are also nearly 3,000 comments of praise and appreciation for the amazing videos on the blog that is hosting them.

I think that what is going on with this video series and the upcoming
2011 Tapping World Summit is something very special and unique that is worth checking out.

Enjoy the video with Cheryl and if you haven't yet seen the videos with
Jack Canfield and Bruce Lipton make sure to watch those also.

Here's the link again

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