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Remain Flexible At All Times

Remain Flexible at All Times
By Brian Tracy

The Menninger Institute of Kansas City conducted a study not long ago to determine what qualities would be most important for success and
happiness in the twenty-first century. They concluded after extensive research, that the most important single quality that you can develop, in a time of rapid change, is flexibility.

The Speed of Change

Today, perhaps the most important factor affecting your life is the
speed of change. We are living in an age where change is taking place at
a faster rate than ever before in human history. And if anything, the
rate is increasing, year by year. Change today is not only faster, but
it is also discontinuous, not following a straight line but starting,
stopping, and moving in unpredictable directions. Change is coming at us from all sides and in so many different ways that it is often impossible to anticipate what might happen next.

A Major Cause of Stress

Change causes enormous stress for people who are fixed or rigid in their
beliefs about how things "should be." They fall in love with what they
are doing, with their current methods and processes, and are unwilling to change, even in the face of overwhelming evidence. Don't let this happen to you.

To remain flexible, you must constantly be open, alert to new ideas, information, and knowledge that can help you or hurt you in your
business or in the achievement of your goals. One new idea can be enough to make or lose you a fortune. One idea can start you on the road to riches or knock you off of it.

The Tide of New Technology

The second factor driving change is the rapid growth and development of new technology. Every new piece of scientific or technical knowledge
leads to an advance in technology aimed at helping people and companies get things done faster, better, cheaper, or easier. And the speed of technological change is increasing every day.

Playing Leapfrog

Being in business is like playing an endless game of leapfrog. You look
for a way to leapfrog over your competitor and serve your customers, better, faster, and cheaper. Your competitor then leapfrogs over you with a new or better product or service. You quickly regroup and leap over your competitor with a new innovation or improvement. Your competitor then leaps over you, and the game goes on without end.

Action Exercise

Be willing to admit, in each area of your life where you experience
stress or resistance, that you could be wrong or that you have made a
mistake. Resolve today to cut your losses wherever possible.

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