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Placebo Effect !

Placebo Effect

By Lawyer Asad

Human mind is divided into an uneven portion. The conscious mind is consisting of the 15% of our mind and the subconscious mind is whooping 85% of our mind.
Conscious mind controls our motor fuctions and has a very short memory. Its rational and analyse matters before accepting those. On the other hand the subconscious mind is like a Super Computer. Storing data from even our pre-natal period. It can even record matters about which we are not conscious.
Under a hypnotic condition the subconscious mind can recall every memory registered on it. The unique phenomenon of the subconscious mind is that it can't logic or argue. It just carries out the programme which is fed into it.
The most important factor of the subconscious is that it can be re-programmed. A negative programming can be re-programmed to be a positive one.
Persons who're dealing with human mind know it.
William James, the father of American psychologist has rightfully declared that the best discovery of the 20th Century is that we can change our circumstances by the power of our mind.
Now back to the programming of the mind.
Subconscious mind is receptive of suggestions, good, bad, indifferent, every kind. When it receives a suggestion, it just carries it out without any reasoning, logic, analysis or judgment.
From our childhood we're programmed by our parents, neighbours, teachers, classmates, peers, colleagues and many other persons. Those programmings come to us in the form of criticisms, appraisals, a pat on the back. In gross those are either negative or positive. These are called suggestions. Our life is moulded by these suggestions.
A mother, disgusted by the conduct of her husband, may often remark to her son that he'd end up in the shoes of his father. The tender mind of the son receives these suggestions and mould his life accordingly.
But it is very hopeful that we can reprogramme our mind by feeding it with positive and constructive suggestions only in three weeks.
The suggestions we give to ourselves are called as auto-suggestions.
As our conscious mind is rational and originating from the left hemisphere of our brain it restricts the entry of suggestions which are seemingly irrational to it.
For example, if a person in a wretched financial conditions try to feed his mind with the thoughts of rich, abundance and wealth then his conscious mind would simply reject it as an irrational thought or lie.
Thats why we need to put ourselves in a trance where the subconscious mind becomes dormant to feed the subconscious mind. The best period for practising auto-suggestion is just before sleeping and after waking up from sleep but not leaving the bed.

Placebo effect:

Emil Coue, a French Chemist, had discovered this unique phenomenon accidentally. Once while he was in his store then one of his friends approached and asked for a drug which required prescription. But he had none. Naturally Emil Coue refused to serve him the medicine. But his friend was very perisistent and nagged for giving him the medicine as he was suffering from excruciating pain. Emil Coue had an idea. He told his friend that there's a new medicine which is as effective as the prescription drug but it doesn't require any prescription. His friend agreed to try it.
Emil Coue went inside the store packed some sugar pills and gave it to him. His friend returned after few days to report that the "new drug" acted like a magic and all his ailments are cured.
Emil Coue was stunned. Placebo was born.
He was invited by people to demonstrate the power of placebo. As the popularity started growing so it was not possible for him to appear personally to all his patients. So he invented a novel method by which any one became capable of giving him/her auto-suggestion.

"Every day and in every way things are getting better and better and I am prospering in all areas of my life."

It was the sentence which was to be recited to oneself as much time as possible. The interesting thing about this auto-suggestion is that one doesn't have to be believe in it or concentrate on it all the time while reciting. A mere mechanical recital would do the effect. And the change in circumstances would be noticable in a week or so.

Now doctors all around the world are using the placebo to cure people from ailments.
Here comes the functionality of our subconscious mind. Our mind receives the suggestions and act upon it. Even mock surgeries are being performed on patients to lead them believe that their ailments are cured by the surgery. Patients are getting cured.
Here is in a link supplied by Laura Silva, daughter of Jose Silva. In this PDF file there're testimonials of people who has been cured by the placebo.
Download it and you'll know the functionality of the placebo effect more better.

To your perpetual health and success.

Lawyer Asad

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