Monday, January 31, 2011

Improve Your Life in One Minute

Improve Your Life in One Minute

By Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler
Creator of Become All You Can Be

Want to make some positive gains in your life? A lot of folks would like to improve their lifestyle, but just cannot find the time to take action.

Still, the highest mountain is scaled only step at a time, and the biggest goal is only accomplished one step at a time. So why not just commit to take one small step right now?

I suggest an approach of just focusing on something you can accomplish in one minute -- just 60 seconds.

You may surprise yourself. You can actually do quite a bit in only one minute. Here are some ways to use the power of a single minute:

Exercise for One Minute

No time to go to the gym? OK. Forget about the next 59 minutes, and just focus on the next one minute. Do a deep breathing exercise, or one minute of push-ups or sit-ups. After a while you may expand to two minutes -- and wow, you have just made a 200 percent jump.

Relax for One Minute

Just relax into your chair and suck in a slow deep breath all the way down into your belly. Then open your mouth slightly, and release your breath as slowly as you can. Try this right now to refresh your mind with increased oxygen.

Calm Your Mind for One Minute

Your mind is a fabulous theater, and contains wonderful visions of your favorite places. Go visit one of those places for one minute. Just relax and clear your mind wherever you may be. You'll come away feeling refreshed, and a lot calmer and clearer.

Change Your Outlook for One Minute

You can even experiment going outside your normal self for a minute. Try acting the exact opposite of how you usually act for one minute. If you tend to be introverted, think like an extrovert. If you are an engineer, think like an artist. If you are a man, think like a woman.

Re-Frame a Problem for One Minute

Choose a problem, then select a different frame of reference to consider it from. Try considering the problem through the eyes of someone you admire. Does the problem look different? Try looking at it with the mind Albert Einstein or Bill Gates or Martha Stewart. Now how does the problem look?

Be Happy for One Minute

Maybe you are currently overwhelmed with problems and challenges beyond your control. Try finding something to give thanks for, and focus on being grateful. Forget any current or past tragedies or disasters, and let yourself be happy for one minute.

You really can achieve wonders in just one minute. And these single minutes can add up to a greatly improve quality of life. Give it a try!

Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler is a renowned brain/mind researcher, and was one of the first in the world to introduce brainwave training to the corporate world. She is the author of ten books, a novel, and hundreds of published articles. Dr. Ammon-Wexler's latest creation is the "Become All You Can Be" success training program.

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