Thursday, January 6, 2011

How Colours Affect Mood, Health & Way of Thinking! 

How colors affect mood, health
and way of thinking

By Isis Ezat

After scientists study the effects of color on mood, health and way of thinking, that the preference for a
particular color on the last lies in the mechanism and its effect on mind and feelings.

They pointed to the human eye
which absorb light and turn it into another form of energy being able to see colour, and this energy is affecting even the people who are blind and visually impaired people and their feelings as well, working light energy to stimulate the glands, pituitary and pineal which regulate the secretion of hormones and
the affect on the hardware physiological body .

The experts have found that the
colour red stimulates the body and increases heart rate and activity
wave form in the brain and respiratory rate, therefore, advised parents in using the red colour shining down to activate the brains of their children, but if a person suffers from high blood pressure or problems with using his circulatory
and blood vessels should it not used Red.

The researchers found that the
color pink and the calming effect of the muscles Rakhi.

The colour orange is suitable for
those who suffer from thin sickness, because it raises appetite, reduces tiredness and fatigue, while the obese or those who engage in diet, they should avoid this colour.

Similarly, the color is yellow tonic for memory .. If you suffer from frequent forgetting what you just use yellow clothes or tools to
help you in Alzhymer, this color also works to raise blood pressure and pulse rate.

And reflects the color green for
spring and new beginnings, and gives comfort, participation, and
hope, as it has a calming effect, housing, Rakhi Alyaljsm and mind, and helps people overweight, it helps to control anxiety resulting from the denial of self to eat and control the desire to overeat.

The color blue is the color of
another sedative and Rakhi to the muscles and diluted for pleasant dreams and good, also lowers blood pressure and heart rate and respiratory rate, may have an effect file in humid, has shown a lot of studies that the blue color in the classroom benefits students,
because relieve anxiety in particular are characterized by aggressive behaviors, has been proven that children, whether sighted or blind
people interact are similar when they were in a blue colour.

The researchers explained that
the preference for the color of the last means that the body needs it more than others, and respond to him in a positive way through the exciting aspects of the activity and health and sound thinking.

Added by Lawyer Asad:
In ancient India, yogis, hermits and saints experimented with various colours and noted their effectiveness in various scriptures. They used to wear cloth dyed with the colours of their experiments, beds, utensils, and everything they used were coloured with the same colour.
White became the colour of serenity, purity, peace and surrender.
Saffron is the colour of celibacy, chastity, hermitage, sacrifice and sainthood.
Blue became symbolic to infinity, generosity and calmness.
Green soothed eyes and pacified an agitated mind.
Bedrooms are generally painted light green or blue or with some neutral colour to sooth nerves which make one sleep easily and peacefully.
Bright red and green are symbols of youth.
Again boys mostly like green colours and girls red.
When all colours are mixed it become white.
Black is a symbol for mourning and grief.
The advertising men know the psychology of colours through out the world. The colour which makes a nation delighted can be the colour of death, grief and bad in other countries.
There're three primary colours; red, yellow and blue. All other colours are a blending from these three primary colours.
Cars & Colours: Researches have shown that Cars with yellow colours are the most safe cars. And deep green, black or similar dark coloured cars are unsafe. During dusk, dawn and twilight when visibility is low and the objects tend to merge with the back ground then these cars are unsafe.
Owners of cars with bright red colours drive their cars faster than those owners who drive cars with light colours.
In colour blindness a person can't see the colour red and misses the red signal.

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