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Visualization and Winning the Lottery

Visualization and Winning the Lottery

By: Lawyer Asad

A lot of people have asked if it is possible to use visualization to
win the lottery. This article has been written in reponse to their

Using visualization to win the lottery is quite different from using
visualization to gain or achieve other things.

If you want a car, there are many cars in the world, and many more are constantly manufactured. You can buy a car, take a loan to buy one, or work, earn money and then buy it.

It is the same if you wish to own a house, have a new T.V. set, a pair
of shoes or a laptop. The same process works if you wish to own a
successful business.

With lottery it is different. There is just one prize, on which all people focus and therefore your chances are smaller, but you have more
chances with winning the small prizes, since usually there are more
such prices, than the first prize.

There is just one prize, and millions of people are consciously or
unconsciously visualizing this prize and expecting to win it. In this
case, it is your thoughts against their thoughts. Everyone's thoughts
are competing with other people's thoughts and neutralizing them.

There is a always higher likelihood of gaining or achieving anything,
when there are many opportunities and chances, than when there is just
one chance. This is why it would more reasonable to expect success if
you visualize a car, a journey abroad, or a new job.

The question is, do you want to win the lottery, or do you want money?
Does it matter through which channel you get the money? Does it really have to be through the lottery?

There are people, who do not want to sweat and work hard, or don't
want to be involved in business, and prefer the easy way of winning
the lottery, sort of gaining money, without giving anything in return.
They believe that lottery is their only way to win big money.

Visualization can help you to win the lottery, but there is no guarantee that you will. You have to take into consideration a few things:

How strong is your concentration?
How clear is your mental image?
How much faith are you putting into the visualization?
Are you familiar with the mental laws of success and visualization,
and are you using them?
How much time do you devote to the visualization?
Do you have doubts at the back of your mind?
How many people are visualizing winning the lottery?
These are just a few of the factors that determine whether you will
win the lottery or not.

You want to win the lottery, because you want money. If you want money, why do you want to gain it through the lottery? Why limit
yourself to one channel? Why not visualize the money, and so be open
to unlimited channels through which money could appear?

When you visualize winning the lottery, how do you feel after each
lottery that you don't win? Do you feel frustrated, unhappy and lose
your belief in the power of thoughts? If you do, you are ruining your visualization. It would be better if you visualize having money in
your account, receiving a check or bills, or visualizing having a
prosperous business. You many visualize yourself being rich, without
visualizing the source of the money or the channels through which it
comes into your life, or visualize it coming through a business, or doing something love doing.

What is everyone really seeking? Everyone is seeking inner peace,
happiness and financial security. Winning the lottery may bring
financial security, but not necessarily inner peace and happiness. You may have plenty of money, and still be unhappy and have problems. It would therefore be wiser to develop a feeling of inner security, to visualize being happy and satisfied, feel, visualize and expect that everything is improving and getting better, and work on inner peace.

Do you want your life to improve? Do you want happiness? Do you want
to have money? You will have to visualize yourself happy and
prosperous, not only visualize, but also feel so too, because feelings
have great power. If you feel happy and prosperous inside, your
external life would gradually be happy and prosperous too.

The purpose of this article is not to tell you to visualize or not visualize winning the lottery, but to show you that there are other ways to win money, with better odds. For a deeper understanding of the
power visualization, and learning how to use it in your life, read the
book Visualize and Achieve.

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