Friday, December 3, 2010

Those Who Look Into God!

Those Who Look Into God!
By Lawyer Asad

Those who look to God for a purpose in living never grow old in spirit- this simple sentence has a vast meaning. The entire human being has been put and explained in this sentence.
Everyman, irrespective of his cast, creed, religion and social status has a purpose of his life. What this purpose of life means? It means that we have our individual purposes for which we are born or in simple language for which God brings us in this world.
Everybody has a purpose of life. As in a dramatic performance every character of the drama or movie has role to do so is with us. We have been assigned with a specific roll we have to perform it like an actor does on the stage.
"All the world a stage and we are all actors" were rightly declared by Shakespeare.
But the most tragic thing is that we do not know the purpose of our lives or for performing which roll we are born. Many of us live our full lives without even bothering to know its purpose or even enquire to discover. Naturally those lives are spent in vain. The person who does not the purpose of his life is an unhappy soul, a lamentable creature. He wastes his life in doing such things for which he was not designated or assigned. Therefore, when there is no synchronization between life and purpose then the efforts made go in vain. The person being frustrated and exasperated of his life expires in a sorry state if not premature.
But there are exceptions and these are evident from the pages of the history and from the surroundings of our day to life.
Those who has started their lives but some how gained knowledge and insight and found their purpose of life and became successful in their lives and works and they have served their fellow men in the true sense of the word.
There are so many instances of it. For example, Mother Teresa came to India as an ordinary missionery. But when she discovered the purpose for which she was born she looked into God and worked ceaselessly for the poors, the diseased, the less privileged and the downtroden. She became an institution in herself. These people never grow old and are remembered for centuries.
Not only in the spiritual world but in our general day to day life its seen. We see somebody tremendously successful at the business, profession or the job he does. We also see that somebody is a dejected man, an unsuccessful soul and as if the bad luck is haunting him.
It happens because the first man has found the purpose of his life whereas the second man has failed to do such.
Md. Yunus of Bangladesh was a successful Economist and a Teacher of it in one of the best Universities of the world. Still he was not content with his life and was ceaselessly in search of the purpose of his life. He found it. Returned to his native land, the land of poors, political unrest, fundamentalists and all sort of anarchies. He was not disturbed by all these nor he ever removed his aim from the purpose of his life.
He started working the poores women of the society and tried to make them econoically solvent and independant. He worked ceaselessly, tirelessly, day and night among those with the sole aim of removing poverty. His theoritical learnings of economy found the practical laboratory for applying those principles which he has learnt and taught so far.
The result which he achieved was given a world recognition by honouring him with the Nobel Prize for Peace.
He was successful because he found the purpose of his life.
These persons can never be old in their spirits until they reach the goal for which they were born.

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